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The American Journal of Criminal Law is proud to announce the immediate availability of Volumes Volume 40:1-3 (2012-2013) and Volume 41:1-3 (2013-2014), as well as the opportunity to order Volume 42 (2014-2015). We invite you to subscribe thereby ensuring your receipt of this fine legal periodical. Volume 39 article topics include the applicability of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to sovereign wealth funds, immigration advice during criminal proceedings, expert testimony on the reliability of eyewitnesses, death qualification process, implications of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, the “excuse theory” in criminal law, and interrogation under Berghuis v. Thompkins. Hardcopy subscriptions ordered through our publications office are available domestically for only $30 per volume/academic year and $35 for foreign delivery. Recent single issues are only $15, including USPS shipping for domestic orders. We believe the American Journal of Criminal Law will be a great resource to you and your library and look forward to including you in our family of subscribers.

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