For the Media

Members of the media seeking expert background or context on a legal issue, or wishing to speak with a specific faculty member, are encouraged to contact the professor directly (contact information is included).

This directory of law experts shows only those faculty who have opted in to be listed; it does not represent the entirety of the Texas Law faculty. Please contact the Communications Office if you need further assistance.

Headshot of Richard Albert

Richard Albert

US Supreme Court, Constitutional Reform, Democracy, Human Rights, World Constitutions

Headshot of Lynn A. Baker

Lynn A. Baker

Multidistrict Litigation; Attorneys' Fees; Settlements; Mass Tort Litigation; Legal Ethics; Class Actions

Headshot of Michele Y. Deitch

Michele Y. Deitch

Prisons and Jails, Criminal Justice Policy, Youth Justice Policy

Headshot of Mechele Dickerson

Mechele Dickerson

The American Middle Class, COVID and Economic Vulnerability, Racial Housing Disparities

Headshot of Lauren Fielder

Lauren Fielder

I am available to discuss recent developments in art and cultural property law, international law, and human rights law.

Headshot of Helen Anne Gaebler

Helen Anne Gaebler

I am available to discuss recent topics relating to Reentry and Parole in Texas.

Headshot of Tara Grove

Tara Grove

Supreme Court, statutory interpretation, separation of powers

Headshot of Kelly L. Haragan

Kelly L. Haragan

Environmental law, environmental justice and civil rights, environmental permitting

Headshot of Jennifer E. Laurin

Jennifer E. Laurin

criminal law, criminal procedure, civil rights litigation, qualified immunity

Headshot of Sanford V. Levinson

Sanford V. Levinson

I am available to discuss issues relating to American constitutional history and to selected issues in comparative constitutional law and design

Headshot of Andrea Michele Marsh

Andrea Michele Marsh

public defender programs/indigent defense, access to justice and pro bono

Headshot of Thomas O. McGarity

Thomas O. McGarity

I am available to discuss developments in administrative law, environmental law, occupational safety and health law, federal regulation, and torts

Headshot of Linda S. Mullenix

Linda S. Mullenix

I am available to discuss recent developments in class action and mass tort litigation, multidistrict litigation, and federal civil procedure and federal courts.

Headshot of Maria Ponomarenko

Maria Ponomarenko

I am available to discuss developments in policing and criminal justice reform

Headshot of Elizabeth W. Sepper

Elizabeth W. Sepper

Reproductive rights, healthcare, religion, LGBTQ discrimination, public accommodations discrimination

Headshot of Charles M. Silver

Charles M. Silver

Class Actions, Multi-District Litigation, Health Law, Legal Ethics

Headshot of David B. Spence

David B. Spence

I can speak to regulatory issues arising in the energy sector, particularly those related to the energy transition

Headshot of Wendy E. Wagner

Wendy E. Wagner

I am available to discuss recent developments in toxics regulation, the use of science by federal agencies, the accountability of agencies in public health/environment

Headshot of Heather K. Way

Heather K. Way

Housing policy, affordable housing, seller financing, equitable economic development, code enforcement, heirs’ property, property tax policy,

Headshot of Andrew W. Bowman

Andrew W. Bowman

Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Headshot of Earl Crane

Earl Crane

Cybersecurity, Cyber Policy, Cyber Risk, Government Cyber Policy, Recent Breaches

Headshot of Parisa Fatehi-Weeks

Parisa Fatehi-Weeks

ESG, corporate social impact, economic mobility, workforce development

Headshot of Simon Lorne

Simon Lorne

Financial Services, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Securities Regulation

Headshot of Mimi Marziani

Mimi Marziani

Voting Rights; Civil Rights; Law of Democracy issues; Nonprofit Management; Texas Politics

Headshot of Amy K. Sanders

Amy K. Sanders

free speech, free press, media ethics, social media, journalism and media, government transparency, access to information

Headshot of Stacy Rogers Sharp

Stacy Rogers Sharp

Texas's federal courts; Texas state and federal litigation and civil procedure

Headshot of Barry T. Smitherman

Barry T. Smitherman

I am available to discuss electricity and oil and gas issues in Texas

Headshot of Timothy J. Tyler

Timothy J. Tyler

I am available to discuss arbitration questions.

Headshot of Eric van Ginkel

Eric van Ginkel

I am available to discuss recent developments in arbitration and issues related to alternative dispute resolution

Headshot of Leslie Gillette Vaughn

Leslie Gillette Vaughn

Private Equity, Joint Ventures, Venture Capital, Equity Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Secondaries Transactions

Headshot of David G. Wille

David G. Wille

I am available to discuss recent developments in intellectual property law including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.