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Ernest E Smith Selected Works

This book is a testament to the widespread affection and respect for Professor Smith among students and the oil and gas bar. Five leading energy law organizations have come together to sponsor this publication. In addition, twelve editors from the Texas Journal of Oil, Gas and Energy Law worked over the past year to compile, […]

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Texas Law Review Manual on Usage and Style 15th Edition TXShop cover art

Manual on Usage and Style (MoUS)

The Fifteenth Edition of the Texas Law Review’s Manual of Usage and Style (the MoUS) provides a clear guide for legal writers and answers questions that commonly arise while in the throes of legal writing. This new edition includes added examples to clarify the meaning behind rules, new guidelines to gap-fill situations that previously had […]

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Cover of The Blackbook: An Oil and Gas Citation and Legal Research Guide

The Blackbook

The Blackbook is an oil and gas citation and legal research guide intended to supplement The Bluebook and The Greenbook Texas Rules of Form. As a citation guide, The Blackbook demystifies oil- and gas-related citations by setting forth decisive citation form for industry-specific sources — many not addressed in The Bluebook or The Greenbook — […]

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