Manual on Usage and Style (MoUS)

The Fifteenth Edition of the Texas Law Review’s Manual of Usage and Style (the MoUS) provides a clear guide for legal writers and answers questions that commonly arise while in the throes of legal writing. This new edition includes added examples to clarify the meaning behind rules, new guidelines to gap-fill situations that previously had no clear answer, and some helpful exceptions to allow needed flexibility to authors and editors alike. We’ve also added rules to clarify how best to quote source material, reconcile discrepancies between the dictionary and the MoUS rule for prefixes, and properly signify a negative number. We trust you will find the Fifteenth Edition of the MoUS a dependable editorial companion as you pursue excellence in legal writing.

The Texas Law Review Manual on Usage & Style is an e-pub guide to style and usage for legal writing. A convenient and accessible reference tool used by many lawyers and law students. Called MoUS for short, it contains rules on topics including punctuation, capitalization, numbers and symbols, italicization, grammar, word choice, quotations, composition, and editing.

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ISBN: 1-878674-59-5
Edition: 15th (2020)

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