Ernest E Smith Selected Works

1st Edition
This book is a testament to the widespread affection and respect for Professor Smith among students and the oil and gas bar. Five leading energy law organizations have come together to sponsor this publication. In addition, twelve editors from the Texas Journal of Oil, Gas and Energy Law worked over the past year to compile, cite- check, and reformat the articles.


Forewords by Marie Yeates, Duke Ligon, Owen Anderson
  1. Methods for Facilitating the Development of Oil and Gas Lands Burdened with Outstanding Mineral Interests
  2. The Texas Compulsory Pooling Act
  3. The Texas Compulsory Pooling Act [Part 2]
  4. Urbanization and the Surface Development of Mineral Land: The Conflict Between the Dominant and Servient Estates
  5. The Kansas Unitization Statute: Part 1
  6. The Kansas Unitization Statute: Part 2
  7. The Standard of Conduct Owed by Executive Right Holders and Operators to the Owners of Nonparticipating and Nonoperating Interests
  8. Conveyancing Problems
  9. The Subject To Clause
  10. Implications of a Fiduciary Standard of Conduct for the Holder of the Executive Right
  11. Duties and Obligations Owed by an Operator to Nonoperators, Investors, and Other Interest Owners

29. Winds of Change: The Creation of Wind Law Curriculum Vitae & Bibliography

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