Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law

Texas Journal of Oil Gas & Energy Law Volume 9 Issue 2 cover
The Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law (TJOGEL) is the newest serial publication at the University of Texas School of Law, and the only student-edited journal in the country focused on promoting scholarship in the energy legal field. TJOGEL was formally created and endorsed by the Dean in the summer of 2005. The Journal maintains a full staff of over 60 students. The Journal is published under the umbrella of the Texas Law Publications department, and joins the school's other stable of excellent legal periodicals. Each issue of TJOGEL features full-length articles touching some of the most important topics facing oil and gas attorneys today, ranging from upstream drafting and interpretation of instruments to downstream transactional and regulatory issues. TJOGEL hosts an annual energy law symposium, as well as several events throughout the year that give practitioners opportunities to network and interact with students interested in pursuing careers in energy law.

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  • Editor-in-Chief (2021-2022): Katherine Harclerode
  • Managing Editor (2021-2022): Bradley Potts
  • Chief Articles Editor (2021-2022): Amy Das
  • Chief Financial Officer (2021-2022): Maggie Gunn
  • Director of Submissions (2021-2022): Jonathan Harper
  • Recent Developments Editor (2021-2022): Andreina "Andie" Escobar
  • Director of Projects (2021-2022): Ryan Dolmanet
  • Symposium Director (2021-2022): Kathy Dzienkowski