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TROL seeks to advance legal scholarship through feature articles, essays, and notes relevant to a national and international audience of legal scholars and practitioners. As the first journal devoted exclusively to the topics related to trial and appellate advocacy, TROL publishes papers on evidentiary, procedural, and substantive issues. TROL addresses the needs of both academia and the practicing attorney with a pragmatic examination of current litigation issues.

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  • Editor in Chief (2017-2018): Stephanie Bradford
  • Managing Editor (2017-2018): Douglas Coonfield
  • Chief Articles Editor (2017-2018): Ethan Levinton
  • Chief Symposium Editor (2017-2018): Tomer Stein
  • Chief Notes Editor (2017-2018): Tony Flor
  • Research Editor (2017-2018): Larissa Garcia
  • Chief Online Content Editor (2017-2018): Emily Eby
  • Development Editor (2017-2018): Alexander Witschey
  • Administrative Editor (2017-2018): Vanessa Chorush
  • Submissions Editor (2017-2018): Jennifer Cochrane
  • Submissions Editor (2017-2018): Justin Kuettel