Early Decision (ED) Admissions Program

Texas Law offers a binding Early Decision (ED) admission program. This program is designed only for those applicants who have carefully determined that Texas Law is their number one choice and should they be admitted, the applicant agrees to withdraw pending law school applications from further consideration and decline any other admission offers immediately.


To be considered for Early Decision admission, applicants must have taken the LSAT no later than the October administration (GRE applicants should plan to take the GRE so that they have a reportable score by November 1) in the year they are applying and submit their JD application by November 1. Applications submitted after November 1 or if an ED application remains incomplete after December 1, the application will be considered for Regular Decision admission.

All Early Decision applicants receive a decision by January 31. Some applications will be held over for further consideration with those of other applicants for Regular Decision. Applicants held for review with the pool of Regular Decision applicants are no longer bound by the Early Decision requirements. If an applicant is denied admission for the Early Decision process, they may not reapply for the Regular Decision process for that cycle.


  • November 1: Early Decision Application deadline
  • January 31: Early Decision Admission announced

We must receive a student’s valid LSAT and/or GRE score by the appropriate deadline to consider their application for admission.

Once we make a decision about your application, it will post to your Dashboard.

Benefits of Early Decision Admissions

In addition to an earlier decision date, students admitted under our ED admission program benefit from our generous scholarship incentives. Successful candidates will automatically receive a competitive scholarship award over the course of their three years. The amounts will be aligned with our scholarship giving as under our Regular Decision program. Nonresident students will also automatically receive resident tuition during their time at Texas Law. All students admitted under our Early Decision must remain in good academic standing to receive their Early Decision financial incentives. While students admitted under ED will not receive additional merit-scholarship consideration, they may be eligible for any need-based financial aid and thus, we strongly encourage students to submit a FAFSA.