January 16 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

“Be impeccable with your word. Say what you think and do what you say you are going to do.” Anne Fitzgerald, General Counsel, Cineplex What You Need to Know Chief Judge Diane Wood creates committee to examine sexual harassment. Motivated by allegations against Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski and media reporting on sexual harassment in other… Full Story

January 8 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

“The main thing is to have trust from the leadership. Trust comes when you have consistent behavior over time.” Talita Erickson, General Counsel, Barilla America Inc. What You Need to Know Tina Tchen, Roberta Kaplan, Fatima Goss Graves spearhead $15 million anti-harassment legal defense fund. The former executive director of the White House Council on Women… Full Story

December 19 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

“As painful as this moment is …, it is a sign of progress, of women finding their voices, their courage, and of the erosion of a shameful power imbalance…” Megyn Kelly, Journalist, NBC News, on sexual harassment What You Need to Know Susan Bodine to head EPA enforcement team. The U.S. Senate confirmed the former chief… Full Story

December 11 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

“We are still black and we are still women, and those two forces operate on us differently.” Carolyn Edgar, Vice President & Legal Counsel, Estee Lauder What You Need to Know Jelena McWilliams nominated for FDIC chair. The chief legal officer for Fifth Third Bancorp will be the next chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. American… Full Story

December 4 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

“Any time a woman steps forward and leads, the world becomes more egalitarian.” Mayanne Downs, President & Managing Director, GrayRobinson What You Need to Know Amy Coney Barrett and Britt Grant make Supreme Court shortlist. The Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge and Georgia Supreme Court Judge are among 25 potential nominees to the… Full Story

November 20 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

“[B]idding firms should expect GE to focus on their value proposition and the diversity of their ranks.” Sharis Pozen, Vice President of Global Compensation and Antitrust, GE What You Need to Know ABA Summit starts national conversation on why seasoned women are leaving law. The ABA’s Long-Term Careers for Women in Law initiative held its kickoff… Full Story

November 14 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

  “We need diverse perspectives around the table, bringing fresh insights to push the limits of innovation.” Frances Dewing, Chief Operating Officer, Rubica What You Need to Know Kristen Donoghue to lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The top deputy has risen through the CFPB ranks, having been responsible for the enforcement division’s strategy team. Judge Amy… Full Story

November 6 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

“Give us partners and teams staffed with women and minorities and if you don’t, we’ll withhold 10 percent of your fees until you comply.” Kim Rivera, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, HP Inc. What You Need to Know Senate Committee approves three female judicial nominees in Texas and Colorado. The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee approved… Full Story

October 30 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

“Generally, white males get that first promotion. If you don’t push for that diverse candidate to get to the next step, that’s where you lose it…That’s why it’s important for us to make that demand.” -Elizabeth Atlee, Deputy General Counsel, CBRE Inc. What You Need to Know Alexa Parr and Sarah Mather win first slip-and-fall case… Full Story

October 24 Power Players: Women Leading in Law

  “I embrace the possibility of failure as a measure of bold, steady-forward progress.” -Graciela Gomez Cowger, CEO, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt What You Need to Know Kirstjen Nielsen nominated to be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The White House principal deputy chief of staff awaits Senate confirmation. The Guardian National Women’s Law Center forms… Full Story

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