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Center’s New Ascend Program Supports Established Lawyers Explore Challenges, Opportunities in Careers; Georgetown University’s Hillary Sale to Lead Opening Session 

Feb. 16, 2022 

 AUSTIN, TEXAS—The Center for Women in Law (CWIL) launches Ascend, a new program for established lawyers, in March. The Center’s Ascend program will help lawyers explore the opportunities and challenges of furthering their careers through promotions, pivots, and reimagining.  

“As their careers are on the rise, women lawyers often face competing opportunities and shifting priorities. How we define career success and excellence can shift, presenting new opportunities and challenges,” said Veronica Vargas Stidvent, Executive Director of the Center for Women in Law. “Ascend provides established lawyers with the tools, resources and connections to continue to grow their careers.” 

Ascend’s modular curriculum allows participants to tailor the program to focus on the skills and information needed to meet their goals. 

The Ascend program begins with an interactive, online workshop led by Georgetown University Associate Dean and Professor Hillary Sale from 12 pm – 1:30 pm CT, Wednesday, March 2.  

In this opening session, Ascend participants will focus on the power and importance of having a strategic career plan. In addition to covering the research behind developing a plan, Professor Sale will explore the critical elements of a strategic plan and highlight the importance of alignment within strategies. She will lead participants through the initial steps of drafting their plans, emphasizing tactics for implementing those plans. 

“Lawyers, as they look ahead in their careers, should think strategically about their next moves,” said Hillary Sale of Georgetown University. “Ascend’s launch program will provide participants with the guidance and tools they need to develop actionable strategic plans to advance their careers.”  

To learn more about Ascend, register for the March 2 program, and explore the work of the Center for Women in Law, visit   

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