A Thank You to Our Generous Reunion 2023 Donors

In April 2023, we honored this year’s 10 Reunion classes—alumni with graduation years ending in “3” and “8”—as part of Texas Law’s Alumni Weekend. Lawhorns often commemorate their Reunion through meaningful donations, and the 2023 Reunion classes displayed unprecedented generosity.

The 2023 Reunion classes gave more than $790,000 for their class scholarships, and three of them—1978, 1983, and 1988—raised more than $100,000 each. Lorraine Sarles ’09, Director of Alumni Development, Reunion, was blown away by the extraordinary support of the Reunion classes. “At least five of the classes will have student scholarship recipient next school year, making a significant impact on our students’ lives,” Sarles said.

Among the hundreds of our Reunion alumni who gave back to their alma mater, we’re highlighting a handful of them who demonstrated tremendous generosity. Join us in expressing our heartfelt thanks to the alumni below who made some of the most significant gifts since their last Reunion.

Class of 1973 graphic with photographs of donors.
Hector De Leon, James Tuite, and David Kitner.

Hector De Leon
Elizabeth Marie De Leon Memorial Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
In addition to providing generous support to reunion efforts, Hector also established a memorial scholarship to honor his first wife. “It has been said that only by giving do we receive. Giving to UT Law and the 1973 Class Scholarship is a small acknowledgement of all which I have received from my time at UT Law.”

James P. Tuite
The James and Cynthia Tuite Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
“At UT Law, I received a first-rate legal education at a bargain price and graduated essentially debt free. That fortunate experience inspired me to create an endowed scholarship to ease the financial burdens and stresses that often hinder today’s students, especially those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, from reaching their goals.”

David N. Kitner
David Kitner Family Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
“For the UT Law School class of 1973 the cost to attend was only a few hundred dollars a semester. The cost for my sons, Jeff ’01 and Scott ’08, was much higher, though still less than one half of what it costs today. A few years ago we established the David Kitner Family Scholarship. All of my children contributed, including my daughter, Jennifer, whose husband attended UT Law for one semester when Tulane was closed because of Hurricane Katrina. We all feel fortunate to be able to give back in this small way.”

Charles Schwartz, Marvin Blum & Talmage Boston, and Linda Broock.

Charles Schwartz
Dean’s Scholarship Excellence Fund
“This is a fact: I paid $4 per semester hour to attend the University of Texas Law School. That means I paid about $360 for a UT law degree. I am sure that I paid more for parking and a lot more for UT athletic events. So, I had this silly idea that the least I could do was to “pay” tuition at the current rate for a few years. I am really not sure that makes a difference, but at least I am paying market rate for the best investment I have made in my life.”

Marvin Blum & Talmage Boston
Marvin Blum and Talmage Boston Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
“Creating the Blum & Boston Scholarship was the perfect way to give back to UT Law School for providing Marvin Blum and Talmage Boston a law school experience that grew into a lifelong best friendship. The scholarship expresses our gratitude for not only the education we received, but also the rock-solid relationship that was forged during our three years as law school roommates.”

Linda Broocks
John H. Broocks Endowment for Excellence Scholarship in Law
“When [my dad and I] attended the law school, even though 25 years apart, we both were fortunate that tuition was so low that it was virtually a gift. We established the John H. Broocks Endowment for Excellence Scholarship in Law in order to give back to the institution to which we owe so much, and, more importantly, to encourage other multi-generation alums to join us in providing to others the opportunity we had to get a great legal education at the great University of Texas.”

Class of 1993 graphic with photographs of donors.
Rene Gonzalez, Don Reid, and Mark Gunnin.

Rene Gonzalez
Antonio R. & Martha S. Gonzalez Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
Recognizing an opportunity to honor his parents, Rene Gonzalez ’93 fully funded an endowed scholarship at the Law School in their names: “[My parents] are the reason I give. My Mom and Dad always encouraged my dreams and, without fail, sacrificed to make them possible.”

Don Reid
Don & Melissa Reid Family Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
“My UT Law education opened doors both professionally and personally that I couldn’t have imagined. I formed lifelong friendships that started at UT Law School. We hope our family’s endowed scholarship will aid future students in reaching for their own educational, career, and personal dreams.”

Mark Gunnin
Jennifer and Mark Gunnin Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
“When I graduated from Texas Law in 1993, my annual tuition was $1,500. My wife, Jennifer, and I want to do our part to help make law school affordable for current students.”

Class of 2003 graphic with photographs of donors.
Shawn J. Rabin, Amanda and Hon. George Bush, and the Newby family.

Shawn J. Rabin
Shawn & Dina Rabin Endowment for Excellence Scholarship
“Texas Law taught me the fundamentals of how to be a great trial lawyer and, because of its generous alumni, I was able to study without worrying as much about also paying tuition. Supporting Texas Law through an endowed scholarship was a great way to allow future students to have the same benefits that I had.”

Amanda and Hon. George Bush
The Hon. George P. and Amanda Bush Endowment for Excellence
“Amanda and I feel strongly about giving back to The University of Texas School of Law and helping the school to recruit and compete for top talent. One of the best ways for any alum to remain active is to endow a scholarship to support exceptional students and continue the legacy as one of the best law schools in the country.”

Milam Newby
The Cornerstone Society
Joining the Cornerstone Society with a donation of $25,000, the Newby Family prioritizes the Fund for Texas Law in their philanthropy in order to support all areas of the Law School. “The Cornerstone Society provides the Dean with the funding and flexibility to maintain the Law School’s excellence and embrace new and exciting opportunities. We are excited to support Dean Chesney and his big vision for the Law School’s future.” This generous gift is in addition to the Newby’s estate plan that also provides a significant gift to the Law School.

Class of 2008 graphic with photographs of donors.
The Hay family, the Miller family, and Maine Goodfellow & Kate Hartfield.

John A. Hay, Jr.
Chief Justice Marilyn Aboussie, John A. Hay, Jr. and John A. Hay, III Endowed Scholarship
Joining his parents and fellow alums, Chief Justice Marilyn Aboussie ’73 and John A. Hay, Jr. ’72, John endowed a family scholarship providing critical support to students with financial need. “The University of Texas and Texas Law have been great to our family for generations — supporting Texas Law through an endowed scholarship was a great way to see that we are able to share that with others for generations to come.”

Annie & R. Cramer Miller ‘08
The Fund for Texas Law
With their $5,000 gift, the Millers prioritize the Fund for Texas Law in their philanthropy knowing it is the one fund that supports all areas of the law school thus ensuring our tradition of excellence. “UT Law is devoted to providing the best legal education in the county with a supportive culture. Annie and I are committed to promoting that cause and sustaining the promise that it holds.” This generous gift to the annual fund is in addition to the scholarship the Millers created to honor of Cramer’s grandfather, also a graduate of Texas Law, The Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kern, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Law.

Maine Goodfellow & Kate Hartfield
Maine S. Goodfellow & Kate E. Hartfield Endowment for Excellence
“Having met while we were both students at Texas Law, we wanted to endow a scholarship to mark the occasion of our wedding in 2017. Our experience at the law school provided us with career opportunities and lifelong friendships, and we viewed an endowed scholarship as a lasting way to support the law school and help others pursue the profession.”

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