Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness Funds

Our students are the heart of Texas Law. Few things have greater long-term impact on student success than the financial aid we are able to offer. Scholarships and loan forgiveness programs draw a robust, diverse, and talented applicant pool. And this support reduces the financial toll of a law school education.

Named, endowed scholarships or loan forgiveness funds may be established in the name of the donor or someone the donor wishes to honor.  Gifts creating a named, endowed scholarship or loan forgiveness fund may be fulfilled through pledge payments made over a maximum five-year period.


Learn about our annual Scholarship Luncheon — a day of celebration and gratitude.

The Power of Endowment

The power of a named endowment is that the gift is leveraged through investment to provide a scholarship each year, meaning the gift is never exhausted.

$250,000 Grows to $370,000 in 20 years producing $240,000* for students *Calculated with 6% growth rate and 4% spending rate

Your Impact

I … have you all to thank for believing in the students at Texas Law. Thank you for expressing your faith in us by investing in our futures. And finally, thank you for showing me that I have a community supporting me in my academic endeavors that I never could have thought existed until I came to Texas Law. My heart is full of gratitude knowing this!”Alexis M.

Endowed Scholarship Levels

$1,000,000  – Townes Hall Scholarship
Currently provides full tuition and an additional stipend for books, living, and other needs. These scholarships are awarded to students of exceptional intellectual qualities, high academic achievement, and demonstrated capacity for leadership.

$500,000 – Powers Scholarships

$250,000 – Tarlton Scholarships

$100,000 – Dean’s Scholarships

Named, endowed scholarships enable Texas Law to attract exceptional applicants who are likely to be recruited and supported by peer law schools. At all levels, they are designed to provide substantial tuition assistance. Unless otherwise specified, they are awarded to students of particular merit and high academic achievement.

To establish a scholarship, please contact or 512-232-1118.

Loan Forgiveness Endowment Levels

Loan Forgiveness funds enable the Law School to fulfill its commitment to students seeking careers in public service. Our loan forgiveness program not only helps make this career path more viable for our graduates, but it also helps Texas Law attract students weighing the substantial loan forgiveness programs of peer law schools.

$250,000 – Tarlton Endowment
Provides $10,000 in loan assistance each year*

$100,000 – Dean’s Endowment
Provides $4,000 in loan assistance each year*

*Calculated at 6% growth rate and 4% spending rate

To establish a loan forgiveness fund, please contact or 512-232-1118.