Texas Criminal Justice Stakeholders (Confirmed as of October 19, 2010)

  • Sam Bassett Minton, Burton, Foster & Collins, PC
  • Jim Bethke - Director, Texas State Task Force on Indigent Defense
  • Matt Devlin - Assistant United States Attorney, Western District of Texas United States District
  • William S. Harris - Attorney at Law
  • Judge Hayden Head - United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas
  • Judge Barbara Hervey - Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Kathryn Kase - Texas Defender Service
  • Jeanette Kinard - Travis County Mental Health Public Defender
  • Jim Leitner - First Assistant District Attorney, Harris County
  • Brad Levenson - Director, Texas Office of Capital Writs
  • Barry Macha - District Attorney, Wichita County
  • Terri Moore - First Assistant District Attorney, Dallas County
  • John Neal - First Assistant District Attorney, Travis County
  • Eric Nichols - Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice, Office of the Attorney General United States Magistrate
  • Anthony C. Odiorne - Assistant Public Defender, West Texas Regional Public Defender for Capital Cases
  • Magistrate Judge Robert Pitman - United States District Court for the Western District of Texas
  • Karen Sage - Assistant District Attorney, Travis County
  • Edward Chip Wilkinson - Assistant Criminal District Attorney, Tarrant County

Academic Participants

  • Professor Bennett Gershman, Pace Law School
  • Professor Jennifer Laurin, University of Texas School of Law
  • Professor Norman Lefstein, Indiana University School of Law Indianapolis
  • Professor Laurie Levenson, Loyola University School of Law Los Angeles
  • Professor Ellen Podgor, Stetson University College of Law