The University of Texas at Austin

First Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies

27–28 October 2006 | University of Texas School of Law

Committed Participants

Honorarium for presenters: We currently expect to be able to offer out-of-town paper presenters a payment of $800 to cover their expenses (if expenses are less than this, the remainder can be treated as an honorarium) (limited to one presenter per paper). Given respectable low-cost hotel options and a “state rate” for airfare, we expect that this amount will be sufficient to cover presenters' travel and lodging and other costs. Presenters must attend the entire conference to receive the honorarium.

Religious observance: For scholars who cannot present on Saturday, we should be able to accommodate requests for a Friday presentation slot. The conference hotels are about a mile from the law school.

The following scholars have agreed to participate in the 2006 conference:

  • Jennifer Arlen , NYU
  • Bernard Black , Texas
  • Charles Cameron, Princeton
  • Stephen Choi, NYU
  • John Coates, Harvard
  • Frank Cross , Texas
  • Robert Daines, Stanford
  • Shari Seidman Diamond, Northwestern and ABF
  • John Donohue, Yale
  • Theodore Eisenberg , Cornell
  • Phoebe Ellsworth, Michigan
  • Lee Epstein, Northwestern University
  • Neal Feigenson, Quinnipiac
  • John Ferejohn, Stanford and NYU
  • Marc Galanter , Wisconsin
  • Mitu Gulati, Georgetown
  • Valerie Hans , Cornell
  • Michael Heise , Cornell
  • Donna Hitscherich, Columbia
  • Keith Hylton, Boston University
  • David Hyman, Univ of Illinois
  • Dan Kahan, Yale
  • Marcel Kahan , NYU
  • Lewis Kornhauser, NYU
  • Herbert Kritzer , Wisconsin
  • Stefanie Lindquist, Vanderbilt
  • Kevin McGuire, Univ North Carolina
  • Michelle Mello, Harvard
  • Geoff Miller, NYU
  • Jeffrey Rachlinski, Cornell
  • Jennifer Robbennolt, Illinois
  • Roberta Romano , Yale
  • Mary Rose , Texas
  • Joseph Sanders, Houston
  • Jeffrey Segal, SUNY Stony Brook
  • Charles Shipan, University of Iowa
  • Charles Silver , Texas
  • Dan Simon , USC
  • James Spriggs, UC Davis
  • Emerson Tiller, Northwestern
  • Neil Vidmar, Duke
  • W. Kip Viscusi, Harvard
  • Paul Wahlbeck, George Washington
  • Martin Wells, Cornell
  • Justin Wolfers, Wharton School
  • David Yermack, NYU