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UT School of Law


UT School of Law

Limited permit and non-permit parking is available on the street around the Law School. Here is a link to UT campus parking maps.

The closest parking garage is the San Jacinto Parking Garage(SJG), a central pay garage located at 2401 San Jacinto Boulevard, with entrances on San Jacinto Blvd AND Trinity Street. There are NO CASHIERS LOCATED AT THE EXITS. Instead, two payment methods are used: central pay or pre-pay. This garage offers student permit parking , faculty/staff permit parking , visitor parking , paid non-permitted daily parking, and departmental parking options. TAKE YOUR GARAGE ENTRY TICKET WITH YOU.

SJG parking rates:

Time Cost
0 – 1/2 hour No Charge
1/2 – 1 hour $3
1 – 2 hours $6
2 – 3 hours $9
3 – 16 hours $12
over 16 hours $18