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Image courtesy of Adriana Corral

About the Artist

Adriana Corral is a Masters of Fine Arts student and assistant instructor at The University of Texas at Austin, whose recent work through sculpture and mixed media aims to depict and shed light upon the grief and atrocity of violence against women in Juarez. Her works include a solo exhibit, Voces de las Perdidas, which has been displayed at the Mexic-Arte Museum; a serigraph (screen printing), Bones, which she produced for the Serie XIX Artist in Residence program; and a group exhibition, A Nation of Fear, at The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts. She was recently recognized for Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture at the International Sculpture Center. Her art has been displayed in Chicago’s National Mexican Museum of Art, and is currently on display at the Grounds for Sculpture.

Her Voces de las Perdidas exhibit, pictured above, features hundreds of suspended red clay tiles replicating body bag tags. The tiles themselves were made with the soil from a cotton field in which eight murdered girls were found.