The Imperial Presidency in the Twenty-First Century

March 2628, 2020 The University of Texas Law School


March 26, 2020

Time Session Information
4:00 pm

Opening Reception

Jamail Pavilion

5:00 pm

Welcoming Remarks

Eidman Courtroom

5:10 pm

Keynote Address

Charlie Savage
New York Times

Introduced by Bobby Chesney (Texas)

March 27, 2020

Time Session Information
8:15 am

Welcome Breakfast

Jamail Pavilion

9:00 am

Panel I: Executive Power in the Beginning and Beyond

Eidman Courtroom

Chair: Stephen Vladeck (Texas)

  1. Corey Brettschneider (Brown)
    The Presidential Test
  1. Julian Davis Mortenson (Michigan)
    The Founder’s President
  1. Saikrishna Prakash (Virginia)
    From a Fixed, Limited Presidency to a Flexible, Boundless, Living Presidency
  1. Stephen Skowronek (Yale)
    Mobilization, Management and the Modern American Presidency
  1. Amanda Tyler (Berkeley)
    The Imperial Presidency and Executive Detention


11:00 am

Panel II: The History of Executive Power

Chair: Jeffrey Abramson (Texas)

  1. Harold Bruff (Colorado)
    Executive Power after Obama and Trump
  1. Mark A. Graber (Maryland)
    On Presidential Dictatorship: The Political Construction of Executive Power
  1. Stephen Griffin (Tulane)
    The Rise and Fall of the Unitary Executive
  1. Laura Kalman (UC Santa Barbara)
    I Love Arthur Schlesinger, But . . .
  1. Christina Kinane (Yale)
    Unilateral Inaction: Presidential Policymaking with Vacancies in Appointments


Jamail Pavilion


Panel III: Internal Checks on Executive Power

Eidman Courtroom

Chair: Elizabeth Sepper (Texas)

  1. David Bernstein (George Mason)
    Why Hasn’t Trump Been More Aggressive About Asserting Presidential Power?
  1. Rebecca Ingber (BU)
    Lawyering the Imperial Presidency
  1. Gillian Metzger (Columbia)
    The Institutional and Imperial Presidency
  1. Anne Joseph O’Connell (Stanford)
    Acting Leaders in Separation of Powers



Panel IV: External Checks on Executive Power

Chair: Jordan Steiker (Texas)

  1. Josh Blackman (South Texas)
    Obstructing Article II
  1. Curtis Bradley (Duke)
    The Failed Transparency Regime for Executive Agreements
  1. Jennifer Chacon (UCLA)
    Imperial Immigration Control
  1. Brian Kalt (Michigan State)
    So Carefully Devised and So Vital to Its Perpetuity’: Impeachment and the Imperial Presidency
  1. Kate Shaw (Cardozo)
    Speech, Intent & the President

End of Day 2

March 28, 2020

Time Session Information


Jamail Pavilion


Panel V: Executive Power in Comparative Perspective

Eidman Courtroom

Chair: Gary Jacobsohn (Texas)

  1. Zachary Elkins (Texas)
    Executive-Legislative Bargaining in Comparative Perspective
  1. Daniel Wunder Hachem (Curitiba, PUC-Parana)
    How American is Brazil’s Law of Presidential Impeachment?
  1. Cindy Skach (KCL)
    De Gaulle: The Self-Limiting Imperial President
  1. Mary Liston (UBC)
    Recrafting Responsible Government: New Restraints on Executive Power



Closing Group Discussion: The Future of Executive Power in the United States

Eidman Courtroom

Richard Albert (Texas)

Philip Bobbitt (Texas)
Sandy Levinson (Texas)
Jeffrey Tulis (Texas)


Closing Lunch

Jamail Pavilion