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Alumni Association

When you graduate from The University of Texas School of Law, you become one of our 25,000-strong Alumni Association.

The Texas Law Alumni Association is one of the largest alumni networks for any law school in the country. Texas Law alumni are a tremendous asset and invaluable resource for practicing and non-practicing lawyers everywhere.

The Alumni Association presents four awards annually, recognizing the outstanding achievements of Texas Law graduates. Read more about Alumni Awards.


Alumni Association Executive Committee

The Alumni Association Executive Committee (AAEC) is comprised of a group of alumni that works together with law school staff to shape the Alumni Association. The Executive Committee helps to foster relationships between the broader alumni community and the Law School.
PresidentDemetrius G. McDaniel19902021-2023
Immediate Past PresidentMilam F. Newby20032021-2023
Vice PresidentBlair R. Loocke20062021-2023
Dallas Steering Committee ChairKimberly Royal Martinez19972021-2023
DC Steering Committee ChairAmanda R. Tyler20042021-2023
Denver Steering Committee ChairSeth R. Belzley20052021-2023
Fort Worth Steering Committee ChairThe Honorable Mark T. Pittman19992020 - 2022
Houston Steering Committee ChairAmy Sladczyk Hancock19972021-2023
New York Steering Committee ChairShawn J. Rabin20032020 - 2022
San Antonio Steering Committee ChairTeo Seger20092021-2023
Meredith W. Bjorck20012020 - 2022
Marvin E. Blum19782020 - 2022
Zachary S. Brady19992020 - 2022
Robin A. Brem20092021-2023
Mark W. Collmer19822021-2023
Rudy R. Colmenero19932021-2023
Mollie H. Duckworth20052020 - 2022
Mark E. Dundon20072021-2023
Chad P. Ennis20042021-2023
Allison R. Hagey20012021-2023
Brian J. Haley20092021-2023
Cisselon Nichols Hurd19912020 - 2022
Gerardo A. Interiano20062020 - 2022
Rudolph K. Metayer20062021-2023
Carey Ann O'Connor19972021-2023
Audrey T. Andrews19922021-2023
Fry Wernick20032020 - 2022
Trey Barber20032021-2023
D. Clint Brasher19992020 - 2022
John G. Browning19892020 - 2022
Conor M. Civins20032020 - 2022
Rebecca H. Diffen20092020 - 2022
Jennifer Haltom Doan19892021-2023
Brian K. Jammer19922021-2023
The Honorable Chari L. Kelly20022020 - 2022
Ajay K. Mago20042021-2023
Trey Martinez19962021-2023
Daniel L. Moffett20052020 - 2022
Omar A. Ochoa20112020 - 2022
M. Jonathan Pelayo20072021-2023
Matthew D. Powers20002020 - 2022
Carlos R. Romo20072021-2023
The Honorable Miguel Torres19952021-2023
Ex-Officio MembersGrant Schmidt2013

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