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About This Bibliography

This bibliography is intended to capture the monographic (book) literature on the subject of Property Rights and Human Rights for the period 2005-2012. The bibliography is organized by year in reverse chronological order (most recent first) and alphabetically by author within each year. The idea of organizing the bibliography in this way is to avoid imposing an endless list of bibliographic entries on the reader.

The literature that deals specifically with property rights as human rights is not extensive. There is no subject term that describes the concept. There is on the other hand a rich literature on subjects such as land rights, land tenure, and agrarian reform. All of these concepts deal at least indirectly with the idea of property (land) and holders of rights, even if the latter are not described as human rights. The criteria for selection for the bibliography included those works on land rights and land tenure that use the language of rights. Works that come closest to treating the subject of property rights as human rights have been bolded. Works on the subject of agrarian reform, which are numerous for the period covered, have been excluded.

No doubt there have been omissions from the bibliography of works that should be there. The compiler welcomes suggestions for additions. He hopes that the bibliography will serve as a useful resource in support of the the Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice Conference on Property Rights and the Human Rights Agenda.

Compiled by Jonathan Pratter, Foreign & International Law Librarian, Tarlton Law Library