Actual Innocence Clinic

The Actual Innocence Clinic is the main project of the Budd Innocence Center.  Clinic students and experienced faculty work together to provide legal assistance to prisoners with claims that they are innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted.  Clinic students typically screen and investigate claims, interview witnesses, review transcripts, prepare motions and pleadings, and conduct factual and legal research.

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Group photo of the 2018 Actual Innocence Clinic students
The 2018 Actual Innocence Clinic full class. Left to right: Tiffany Dowling (now retired, former Clinical Instructor, in back left), Susan Czaikowski, Jordan Gleeson, Shannon Smith, Jake Hawker, Chase Hudson, Luke Ott, Liza Liberman, Ryan Wham, and Charles Press (Director)
Students gathered around a work table with laptops, listening to Clinic Director Charles Press
Advanced students in the Actual Innocence Clinic for 2018. Left to right: Brittany Fowler, Michael Jones, Austin Aguirre, Andrew Van Osselaer, Charles Press (Director)