Juan Fernando Valdemoros

2018-2019 Research Fellow
Research Fellows (2018-2019)

Juan is the General Legal Counsel of a multinational company within the IT industry. Part of his role involves managing the company´s legal operations in Spain, the United States, Peru, Colombia and Argentina. With almost 10 years of practice in its career working at multinational companies, he has advised and executed numerous transactions with leading companies in the Americas region, especially Fortune 500 companies. His research interest are within technology, ethics and management trends in the legal industry worldwide, mainly focused on the social change experienced by the legal profession as a consequence of the advances in IT.

Juan received his law degree from the University of Mendoza, Argentina, and then continued his professional training obtaining an MBA in Spain and a Master of Sciences in Project Management in Switzerland. In 2014 he participated in the Transnational Law Program held by the Dean Rusk International Law Center at the University of Georgia, USA. He is currently attending classes at University of Texas´s Law School to complete his LLM in International Tax Law at Torcuato Di Tella´s University. In 2017 Juan was invited to do research on the topic of International Tax Law at the “GTTC Universities Project II”, an initiative of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation to promote research in international tax law among 25 top universities representing 25 countries worldwide.

His hobbies are traveling, cooking, and reading about psychoanalysis, politics, and architecture.