Ms. Amy Brent
Ms. Kelly H. Bu, LL.M. (’05)
Professor Lauren Fielder, J.D., LL.M. (’07), Ph.D.
Mr. Mark G. and Mrs. Jeannette Montecalvo
Dr. Mauricio Pajón, Ph.D.
MD Anderson Foundation
Dr. Abdul Knowles, Ph.D., LL.M. (’21)
Mr. Michael L. Montecalvo
Mr. Ariel (LL.M., ’95) and Mrs. Ileana Ramos
Mr. Paul C. Redman III
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
Ms. Lucía Rodríguez
Dr. iur. Carly M. Toepke, J.D.
Mr. Roderick and Mrs. Merry Laine Wetsel