Former MD Anderson Fellow Humzah Yazdani (LL.M. ’20) Publishes World Economic Forum Article on Clean Energy Transition

On July 16, 2020, Humzah Yazani (LL.M. ’20), a former MD Anderson Fellow, published a World Economic Forum article titled “Why transmission and distribution are the clean energy transition’s secret weapons.” In the article, Yazdani’s argument is two-fold. He states that increasing energy generation from clearer sources demands and increase in transmission and distribution networks and that doing so, along with greater interconnectivity amongst grids, can counter renewables’ intermittency and create more stable networks. He uses Texas – the US’s largest producer of wind energy – as a case in point.

Yazdani holds an LL.M. in Global Energy & Environmental Law from The University of Texas School of Law, where his graduate studies were funded by the Fulbright Foreign Student Program. He is also a Global Shaper, Islamabad Hub, through the World Economic Forum.