The Anatomy of Cancel Culture with Professor Franciska Coleman

Location: Wilson Classroom - TNH 2.139

Professor Franciska Coleman (University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Law) joins us to discuss her paper: The Anatomy of Cancel Culture. In her paper, Professor Coleman explores how social regulation of speech works in practice on university campuses, and the extent to which social regulation in practice affirms or undermines the stereotypes and caricatures that characterize the cancel-culture wars. We hope you join us!


Read the paper: The Anatomy of Cancel Culture

Franciska Coleman is an Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Associate Director of the East Asian Legal Studies Center. She is an interdisciplinary scholar, whose work draws upon political theory, critical discourse analysis, and constitutional law.

Professor Coleman is deeply interested in the social justice implications of race and class hegemony in constitutional interpretation and in the effects of institutionalized oppression on the self-governing capability of vulnerable groups. Professor Coleman’s current research projects focus on 1) understanding the anatomy of cancel culture and its effects on marginalized groups as speakers and 2) understanding the relationship between equal protection and political power.

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