Upcoming Events

  1. Asma Uddin (professor, author and attorney) and award-winning journalist Emma Green (The New Yorker) join The First Amendment Center for this important discussion.
  2. The Global Summit offers the opportunity to showcase ideas in all areas of constitutionalism, to highlight publications in the field, to engage in rewarding and collaborative intellectual exchange, and to enjoy occasions for informal interaction.

Previous Events

  1. A conversation with Professor John Inazu (Washington University School of Law) and Dean Bobby Chesney (Texas Law).
  2. The Civitas Institute and First Amendment Center welcome Professor Phillip Muñoz (University of Notre Dame) to discuss his recent book.
  3. Nury Turkel, Chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, joins us to discuss his latest book "No Escape: The True Story of China's Genocide of the Uyghurs."
  4. With an increase in people leaving organized religion in the United States, Professor Mark Movsesian will discuss his recent essay, "The New Thoreaus", on how the law should treat these religious “Nones.”
  5. Nadine Strossen and Keith Whittington, two of the nation’s leading intellectuals on freedom of speech, come to UT Austin.
  6. The First Amendment Center welcomes Judges Patrick Bumatay, James Ho, and Timothy Tymkovich to Texas Law.
  7. Professors William M. Carter, Jr. and Ilan Wurman join us to discuss their perspectives on the Second Founding.
  8. Free Speech Week Event: Professors Laura Weinrib and David Rabban discuss the conflicting views about academic freedom and its relationship to the First Amendment.
  9. Join us for a discussion about Religious Freedom, Economics and Equality with Professors Stephanie Barclay and Elizabeth Sepper.
  10. Guests RonNell Andersen Jones and Lyrissa Lidsky discuss press freedom and new challenges and changes to the media landscape, along with a special conversation for law students.
  11. The Texas Law Federalist Society hosts an engaging panel discussion regarding religious exemptions during Covid and the impact of Roman Catholic Diocese v. Cuomo.
  12. Join Professors Nelson Tebbe (Cornell Law)and Eugene Volokh (UCLA Law) for a conversation regarding how and whether current applications of free speech doctrines affect disparities in income, wealth, and other goods; whether those applications should be altered; and the disagreements and controversies arising from some of the proposed changes. Moderated by Texas Law Professor Steven Collis.
  13. Join Dean Farnsworth, Professor Steven Collis, the hosts of the nationally-acclaimed Pantsuit Politics Podcast and members of UT's traditionally conservative and progressive student organizations for an honest look at how they’re staying friends—or not—in this fractious election season.
  14. Join the Clements Center for National Security and the The Bech-Loughlin First Amendment Center in a discussion with David A. French, Senior Editor of The Dispatch, and University of Texas at Austin President Jay Hartzell on French's recently published book.