Endowment Fund

Texas Law established the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law in 2004 with a $1,000,000 endowment from generous alumni, law firms, faculty, and friends and former law clerks of Judge Justice. These founding gifts created the Justice Center as a permanent legacy at Texas Law in honor of Judge Justice. The proceeds of this endowed fund support the wide range of Justice Center activities.

We thank the following founding donors for their generous gifts:


Frederick M. Baron and Baron & Budd, P.C.
King & Spalding, L.L.P.
Virginia and Richard Warren Mithoff


Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P
Mark K. Glasser
David Newburger
Wayne A. Reaud


Michelle and Eric Albritton
Edward B. Cloutman, IV
Mary Crouter and David Weiser
Michele Deitch and Michael Sturley
Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody, P.C.
Kim and Tom Harkness
Clifton L. Holmes
Jackson Walker, L.L.P.
Betsy Julian
Fred M. Misko, Jr.
Beth and Scott Ozmun
Smyser, Kaplan & Veselka, L.L.P.
Robert F. Stein
Texas Appleseed
Allan Van Fleet
James Wooten


Gayle and John Albritton
Lynn E. Blais and The Honorable Guy S. Herman
James L. Branton & Branton & Hall, P.C.
Claudia and Otis Carroll
Carol Clifford and Jerry Wertheim
Debbie and J. Mark Englehart
Gerald H. Goldstein
Franklin Jones
Perry & Haas, L.L.P.
Carl Roth and The Roth Law Firm
Michael R. Smith
Susman Godfrey, L.L.P.
Stephanie and William O. Whitehurst, Jr.
Strasburger & Price, L.L.P.
Vinson & Elkins, L.L.P.
Whitehurst, Harkness, Ozmun & Brees, P.C.


James C. Barber
Joe K. Crews
David Howard Donaldson Jr.
Parker C. Folse, III
William E. Forbath
George & Brothers, L.L.P.
Gibbs & Bruns, L.L.P.
Lee Godfrey
Dagmar Hamilton
Tommy Jacks
The Krist Foundation
Ann E. Maclaine
The Law Offices of Pat Maloney, P.C.
Neal S. Manne
Mike McKool, Jr.
McKool Smith, P.C.
Vincent M. Nathan
Terrell Wallace Oxford
Roger Parloff
Glenn A. Perry
Scott D. Powers
Elyse Rosenblum and Matt Pawa
Jordan Steiker
Brita Strandberg
Michael Subit
Susman Family Foundation
Thompson & Knight Foundation
Gerald Torres
James Tourtelott
Mark Wawro
Heather Way and Bill Christian


Mary & The Honorable John R. Adamson
Alexander Dubose Jones & Townsend, L.L.P.
Joyce Almaraz
Karen J. Bartoletti
Ann Baddow and Nelson Mock
Baldwin & Baldwin, L.L.P.
David J. Beck
Berg & Androphy
Rebecca L. Bernhardt and Adhamh Findlay
Steve Bickerstaff
Frank L. Branson
Katy M. and Jeff Civins
Jeralynn Lee Cox and John Tunnell
Martha S. Davis
William W. Dibrell
Elizabeth Dixon and David H. Herrington
Carey Fitzmaurice
Richard Grainger
Lucas Guttentag
Robert W. Hamilton
John R. Heard
Juanita C. Hernandez
Max Renea Hicks
Susan Huber
Daniel A. Hyde
Luci Johnson
Mushtaq Kapasi
Susan L. Karamanian
Kincaid, Horton & Smith
S. Stephen Lang
Virginia Looney
Laird Lucas
Pat Maloney, Jr.
Steve J. Martin
Ellen and Harold McElhinny
Hannah McElhinney and J. Steven Farr
John B. McFarland
John J. McKetta, III
Nancy J. and W. Frank Newton
The Honorable Robert M. Parker
Nancy and Randy Parten
J. Hoke Peacock, II
Michael V. Powell
Barbara Ann Radnofsky
John Paul Reichmuth
The Honorable Ann W. Richards
Audrey Selden
M. Michael Sharlot
The Honorable Rose Specter
James L. Sultan
Taylor & Dunham, L.L.P.
Ben F. Vaughan, III
Thomas C. Viles
Mark F. Walter
Lesley Wexler
R. Laughton Whitehead, Jr.
Wisenbaker Production Company
W. Reid Wittliff
Lucille Wood
Jeremy Wright


Theodora M. Anastaplo
Corinne A. Beckwith
BenforAuctions.com, L.L.C.
Wm. Terry Bray
Philip C. Bobbitt
Linda Brooks and Jim Hall
Nicholas J. Brunick
Angelyque P. Campbell
Carlton Carl
Colin C.J. Carl
G. David Carlock
Donald F. Carnes
Johnny Carter
Michael J. Churgin
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
Fred Cohen
Paul Colley, Jr. & Associates
Kathey G. Comer
Alistair B. Dawson
Deats & Levy, P.C.
The Honorable Joe Dibrell, Jr.
Martha S. Dickie and James N. Rader
Brett Dignam
J. Chrys Dougherty, III
M. Diane Dwight
Ronald Earle
Sarah Eckhardt
ExxonMobil Foundation
Frances T. Farenthold
Lawrence D. Finder
Helen Currie Foster
Kelly Frels
Gibson Gayle
Holly J. Gilman
Hal K. Gillespie
Liana Gonzales
Malcolm Greenstein
Mary Ellen and Peter Griffin
Joseph S. Grinstein
Daniel Gunther
Kara A. Hailey
Robert J. Hearon, Jr.
Joseph R. Heffington
Damon J. Hemmerdinger
Paul Henderson
Laurie M. Higginbotham and Jamal Alsaffar
Mary Keller and Bobby Hawthorne
Kenneth Hodson
Janette Johnson & Associates
Peter D. Kennedy
Mary Ann Keeney Charlotte and The Honorable Mack Kidd
Ashley I. Kissinger
Cherry L. Kugle
William H. Kugle, III
Tammy G. Landy
Gregory A. Litt
The Honorable Lora J. Livingston
Maggie and Joe K. Longley
Law Office of Laurence J. Lucas
The Honorable Mike Lynch
Mallett Guiberson Saper, L.L.P.
Mandell & Wright
Neal S. Manne
Sue and Phil Maxwell
Robert B. McDuff
John S. McEldowney
Robin A. Melvin
Margaret Menicucci and Michael Whellan
Roy M. Mersky
Gail & Marshall L. Miller
Mike C. Miller
Thomas W. Mills, Jr.
Carnegie H. Mims
Sherbert Louise Mims
Minton, Burton, Foster & Collins, P.C.
Meredith and John A. Mouer
Nick C. Nichols
The Honorable James R. Nowlin
The Honorable Lauren L. Parish
Crawford D. Parker
Lewin Plunkett
The Honorable Jack Pope
Maureen Powers and The Honorable Scott McCown
Beverly G. Reeves
Roberta A. Ritvo
Woodrow M. Roark
Randell C. Roberts
Jack and Joyce Sampson Family Foundation
P. M. Schenkkan
Lionel M. Schooler
The Honorable A. R. “Babe” Schwartz
John S. Sharp, Jr.
Giovanna Shay
Charles S. Siegel
Lisa Traylor Silvestri
Marcelle and Thomas Simmons
James P. Simpson
Slusser Wilson & Partridge L.L.P.
The Honorable Bea Ann Smith
Wayne V. Smith
Rosemary T. Snider
Sylvia Solomon
Solace K. Southwick
Susan Stefan
Curtis B. Stuckey
Pauline and Charlie Sullivan
Holly E. Taylor
Marcia T. Taylor
Texas Employment Lawyers Association
Mark Trachtenberg
The Honorable Gisela D. Triana
William B. Turner
Waldman-Smallwood, P.C.
The Honorable and Elizabeth T. John Ward
Louette and Dan Weiser
Marianne Wesson
Wiseman, Durst, Owen, & Colvin, P.C.
Zipporah B. Wiseman
R. Stephen Woodfin
Shari Anne Wright
Sandi B. Zellmer
Susan F. and Larry Zinn