Meet with us!

The Justice Center staff is happy to meet with law students to answer questions about our programs, law school, classes, and careers. We want to get to know you! Here’s the best way to set up a meeting with each of us, along with possible topics for conversation:

Meg Clifford, Staff Attorney, email to set up a time to chat (expanding pro bono services, criminal justice reform, educational equity, juvenile law, legal aid lawyering, diversity and equity in law schools and the legal profession)

Mary Crouter, Assistant Director, Justice Centeremail with three meeting times that work for you (Justice Center funding and student support, navigating law school, judges and judicial internships, government lawyering, legal practice transitions)

Helen Gaebler, Senior Research Attorney – email with three meeting times that work for you (child welfare, fair housing, criminal justice reform, community engagement, UT interdisciplinary opportunities, careers in government lawyering)

Eden Harrington, Director, Justice Centeremail to set up a meeting (support in the law school for public service, experiential courses including clinics and internships, dual degrees)

Andrea Marsh, Director, Mithoff Pro Bono Program – email to schedule an appointment (pro bono opportunities for students and new lawyers; expanding access to legal services; improving public defense systems; criminal justice reform; entrepreneurship, new program development, and nonprofit management)

Sarah Sedgwick, Program Coordinator, Richard and Ginni Mithoff Pro Bono Program – email  with questions (pro bono pledge, projects, and reporting pro bono hours)

Rachel Sidopulos, Program Coordinator, William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law – email with meeting times that work for you (knowledge of all things Texas Law, current and historical; friendly conversation; and validation when times are tough)

Lucy Wood, Research Attorneyemail to set up a Zoom or phone call (disability law, education law, nonprofit law, professional responsibility)