Texas Law Faculty Fellowship Fund

The Texas Law Faculty Post-Graduate Fellowship in Public Interest Law is funded through generous contributions from more than fifty members of the law faculty and the Law School. This innovative fellowship was created in 2005, and since then six of our outstanding graduates have worked with public interest legal organizations across the country for one to two years through the fellowship program.

The Justice Center thanks the Law School and the faculty members below for their generosity and commitment to supporting our graduates in public service:

Jeffrey Abramson
David Adelman
Alex Wilson Albright
Bill Allison
David A. Anderson
Hans W. Baade
Lynn A. Baker
Bill Beardall
Ingrid & Mitchell Berman
Lynn E. Blais
Bree Buchanan
Sarah Buel
Norma V. Cantu
Charles G. Childress
Sarah H. Cleveland
Jane M. Cohen
Mary Crouter & David Weiser
John Deigh & S. Lynn Hill
Justin Driver
Ariel Dulitzky
John S. Dzienkowski
Karen L. Engle
William E. Forbath
Julius G. Getman
Denise Gilman
John Golden
Patricia Isela Hansen
Kelly Haragan
Eden Harrington
Barbara C. Hines
Stanley M. Johanson
Emily Kadens
Douglas Laycock
Terri LeClercq
Sanford V. Levinson
Stefanie Lindquist
Jeana L. Lungwitz
Inga Markovits
Dick Markovits
Thomas O. McGarity
Roy M. Mersky
Christy B. Nisbett
Robert J. Peroni
R. Anthony Reese
John Robertson
William Sage
Dean Larry Sager
Ernest E. Smith
Jordan Steiker
Michael F. Sturley
Susan Klein
John Sutton
Gretchen Sween
Gerald Torres
Wendy E. Wagner
Heather K. Way & Bill Christian
Jay Westbrook
Patrick Woolley