Reconfiguring Criminal Justice: A Community Conversation on System Equity

Location: Francis Auditorium, TNH 2.114

There are 2.2 million people incarcerated in the nation’s jails and prisons, and another 6.6 million tethered to our adult criminal legal system through supervision. What’s more, every year, an estimated 250,000 youth under the age of 18 are prosecuted, sentenced, and incarcerated in the adult criminal justice system. Given the influence of various institutions on incarceration rates and resulting racial disparities, widespread discussion has emerged around what can be done to address inequities. Join us as we engage in a critically conscious dialogue on the criminal legal system with scholars and practitioners engaged in various reform efforts across the school-to-prison pipeline, the juvenile justice system and the adult criminal justice system. Lunch will be provided.

The event is free, but seating is limited and an RSVP is required.


  • MiAngel Cody, Co-Founder and Decarceration Counsel for the Decarceration Collective
  • Morgan Craven, National Policy Director for the Intercultural Development Research Association
  • Eric Wilson, Advocate for Current and Formerly Incarcerated Persons
  • Michele Deitch, Senior Lecturer at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and The University of Texas School of Law


  • Nino Rodriguez, Research Associate, Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis

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Event series: Panel Discussion