Student-Loan-Debt Expert Heather Jarvis

Location: Francis Auditorium

Join us for “Public Service Loan Forgiveness in Five Easy Steps”

Many government and nonprofit lawyers and other professionals stand to gain tens of thousands of dollars of student debt relief from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program established by the College Cost Reduction and Access Act. But the program requirements can be confusing. Heather knows how to break it down step-by-step so it makes sense once and for all.

A former capital defense attorney with law school debt, Heather Jarvis ( now dedicates her expertise to helping student loan borrowers make better decisions so that higher education can be a reality for all – not just those who can afford it. Specializing in training for high-debt borrowers and the people who love them, Heather has provided guidance and information to thousands of students and alumni.

Cosponsored with the Texas Law Career Services Office

Event series: Lecture