Justice Center Student-Alumni Conversation with Rosann Mariappuram ’18

In spring 2022, the Justice Center student advisory board reprised alumni visits via Zoom, inviting Rosann Mariappuram ’18. Mariappuram is Executive Director of Jane’s Due Process, a nonprofit that ensures legal representation for pregnant minors in Texas. Immediately after graduating from law school, she was an If/When/How Reproductive Justice Fellow with Surge Reproductive Justice and Legal Voice in Seattle before returning to Texas.

Mariappuram discussed her experiences in law school, her decision to focus on reproductive justice in Texas, her work running a nonprofit organization, and her advice for law students pursuing social justice.

“It was really refreshing to hear Rosann’s reflections on how she prioritizes self-care and balance between her professional and personal life,” said Liam Veazy ’22, who invited Mariappuram to speak and facilitated the conversation. “Even while working on an issue as urgent as reproductive justice, Rosann spoke about her efforts to prioritize her wellbeing as a young attorney, and now how, as an executive director, she prioritizes the well being of the staff at Jane’s Due Process.”