Yuri Barragan ’26 Receives Environmental Justice Scholarship

Yuri Barragan, an incoming student at the University of Texas School of Law, has been awarded the Scholarship in Environmental Justice Law. The scholarship, created by a gift from the Environmental Integrity Project, supports students with a demonstrated interest in public interest environmental law and environmental justice and includes professional mentorship and networking opportunities with Environmental Integrity Project attorneys. The William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law administers the scholarship program at the law school.

Barragan graduated from St. Edward’s University with a BA in Political Science and Government. Before coming to law school, she worked as a policy advisor to a member of the Texas House of Representatives and members the Austin City Council.

“Advising members of the Austin City Council, I had the opportunity to help negotiate development projects to increase the housing stock in the city in a way that prevents harm to bodies of water like the Colorado river, protects urban wildlife, and adds recreational green space to neighborhoods that need it. I am very interested in exploring the intersection of housing and environmental law,” said Barragan. “I am also interested in environmental justice in the context of my hometown, Brownsville, Texas. Like many Texas border towns, Brownsville is an immigrant-majority city with one of the highest poverty rates in the country. Unlike other border cities, Brownsville has been home to the SpaceX launch site, which routinely tests powerful rockets in proximity to residential areas. I look forward to gaining the legal know-how and experience necessary to be able to advocate on behalf of my border town community.”

“I’m so happy that EIP’s gift has funded this scholarship for Yuri Barragan,” said Kelly Haragan, director of the Law School’s Environmental Clinic. “I’m excited to hear more about her experiences and support her exploration of the intersection of housing and environmental law.”