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Community Assistance Project

The Community Assistance Project (“CAP”) provides community redevelopment assistance to legal aid attorneys and communities in Texas. The CAP focuses on community development and environmental justice in low-income areas, working with legal aid attorneys and affected communities state-wide.  The CAP supports attorneys and groups working to reduce environmental injustice and revitalize and stabilize low-income communities through four main activities:  training legal aid attorneys and communities, providing case support, coordinating information, and developing high-impact legal tools and analysis.

The CAP is funded by a two-year $1 million dollar grant from the Texas Access to Justice Foundation to the Justice Center with support from the University of Texas Law School Foundation. The effort involves faculty, attorneys and students affiliated with Texas Law’s Environmental Clinic and Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic. Texas Law faculty working on the CAP include Kelly Haragan and David Frederick with the Environmental Clinic, and Frances Martinez, Eliza Platts-Mills, and Heather Way with the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic.

Focus Area: Community Development