Emerging Trends in Adult Guardianship: Review of State Practices and Summary of Findings for Texas

This is a past project.

This Justice Center report looks at adult guardianship in Texas, focusing on two key concerns: (1) adequacy of the initial consideration of less restrictive alternatives to guardianship and the role of limited guardianship; and (2) adequacy of ongoing oversight for those individuals who are placed into guardianship (either full or limited). The report contrasts Texas’ current adult guardianship requirements with reforms and changes made in a number of states that have recently modified their guardianship procedures. The report identifies a series of best practices that have emerged in recent years across the U.S., and concludes by highlighting opportunities to further strengthen Texas’ adult guardianship system.

The Justice Center continues to work in this area, consulting with nonprofits and governmental entities on guardianship issues and legislative initiatives.

Focus Area: Disability Rights