Projects and Publications

Expunction and Non-Disclosure Project

A study on how criminal records are maintained, disseminated, and utilized in background checks in Texas. The Justice Center has continued its work in this area, creating community expunction and non-disclosure pro bono legal clinics staffed by law students and attorneys, and providing significant research support to the Austin/Travis County Reentry Roundtable.

Supportive Housing Project

The Justice Center, together with the UT Center for Disability Studies, worked with the Texas state housing finance and Medicaid agencies to develop innovative ways to support persons with disabilities in integrated housing opportunities through a new federal rental subsidy program. The initiative focused on persons with disabilities residing in Texas institutions who have extremely low incomes.

Contract for Deed Prevalence Study

The Justice Center and the LBJ School of Public Affairs completed a major study for the Texas Legislature on the use of contracts for deed in Texas colonias. The study estimated the number of outstanding contracts for deed and examined title irregularities associated with informal land sales and intestate inheritance. Faculty and students conducted more than 1300 in-person interviews with colonias residents in seven border counties and three counties in Central Texas.