Institute for Transnational Law Co-sponsors UT Energy Week 2020 Panel

The future of the global energy system goes well beyond the borders of the world’s industrialized countries. The development of energy infrastructure in emerging economies of Latin America, Africa, and Asia will play a huge role in the outcome of the global energy transition effort. Policymakers in these regions face and the unprecedented task of trying to advance their economies into the increasingly industrialized and globalized 21st century while adhering to the mounting environmental pressures from the international community. This panel discussed the legal challenges for the development of energy projects in emerging markets. Panelists discussed the extent to which the development policies in these countries take into account climate change/energy transition issues. They also addressed how outside investment from public and private entities shape the legal frameworks within these markets. Panelists included Jose Maria Lujambio (UT LL.M. ’14), who serves as Energy Practice Director at Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton LLP. Hamidou Drame (UT LL.M. Expected ’20), who serves as Vice President for Research at the Longhorn Energy Club, helped organize this panel. Drame is a Fulbright student from Guineau and serves as a 2019-2020 MD Anderson Research Fellow in Transnational Law in the Institute for Transnational Law.