Institute for Transnational Law Welcomes New Assistant Director

Natalie Shields serves as the Senior Admissions Coordinator as well as the Assistant Director of the Institute for Transnational Law for Graduate and International Programs. In her role, she plays a pivotal role in overseeing all admissions procedures for the LL.M. and exchange programs, making her the primary point of contact for prospective students and guiding them through the admissions process with utmost care and expertise.

Natalie’s academic journey began with her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from The University of Exeter in England, which she earned in 2011. Recognizing the importance of expanding her legal knowledge and gaining exposure to different legal systems, she pursued further education and completed her LL.M. degree at The University of Texas, School of Law in 2019. This additional qualification has equipped her with a deeper understanding of legal principles and further developed her expertise in the field.

Originally from London, England, Natalie made the vibrant city of Austin, Texas her home in 2014. Prior to her current role, she accumulated valuable experience by working in prestigious law firms as well as technology companies, both in the United States and the United Kingdom. This diverse professional background has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of legal practices and the intersection of law and technology.

An additional asset that Natalie possesses is her fluency in Polish, enabling her to effectively communicate with individuals from Polish-speaking backgrounds. This language proficiency fosters inclusivity and facilitates meaningful connections with a wider range of students and professionals.

Natalie’s international background and her inherent passion for travel have shaped her perspective and enabled her to appreciate different cultures and global viewpoints. This global mindset permeates her work, allowing her to approach challenges and opportunities with a broad perspective and sensitivity to diverse needs.

With her well-rounded academic background, extensive experience, linguistic abilities, and global mindset, Natalie Shields excels in her role as the Senior Program Coordinator. Her dedication, professionalism, and commitment to providing exceptional support to students embarking on their educational journey make her an invaluable asset to the Graduate and International Program.