2019-2020 MD Anderson Foreign Judge Fellow Announced

Through the generous support of the M.D. Anderson Foundation, the Institute for Transnational Law has a long-standing record of supporting foreign judges in their pursuit of a master’s degree in law from the University of Texas. The program continues to fund a full scholarship and living expenses of a German judge for the Texas Law LL.M. Program each year.

The 2019-2020 MD Anderson Foreign Judge Fellow is Dr. Gerd Kathstede, a criminal judge at the Local Court in Bonn. After having worked in the German legal system for nine years, Dr. Kathstede explained “It is my wish to think outside the box and shift again my focus to Common Law, which was already part of his university education.” He continued “A very important part of the LL.M. Program at The University of Texas at Austin is the opportunity to meet lawyers from all over the world. That meets my deep interest in foreign legal systems.”