Professor Lauren Fielder Publishes Article on Brexit, Nationalism, and Human Rights

Professor Lauren Fielder, Assistant Dean of Graduate & International Programs and Director of the Institute for Transnational Law, has published an article on Brexit, nationalism, and human rights in the latest issue of the Texas International Law Journal. The article is part of the important discussion organized around the emerging human rights issues of Brexit.

The article begins with a brief overview of Brexit itself, as well as a deeper look at how Brexit is part of a larger spike in nationalism in Europe and the rest of the world. The article then turns to the EU, beginning with a cursory discussion of the origins of the EU, recent problems the EU has been facing, and how Brexit might weaken or even destroy the EU. The article then discusses the problems that are a byproduct of a weakened or completely broken EU, focusing on the possibility of violent conflict and examining the link between conflict and human rights violations. Finally, the article concludes with a discussion of what can be done by individual states and the EU to minimize the chances of the worst possible outcomes.

This article is part of the Institute for Transnational Law 2018 International Law Series.