Melissa Sopher

Class of 2021
Melissa Sopher

"The William Wayne Justice Center has been a welcoming and supportive home for me throughout my time in law school. As a G. Rollie White Scholar, I was fortunate to immediately join this community of passionate and thoughtful students. I spent my 1L year participating in a variety of pro bono projects. As a 2L and 3L, I have become deeply involved in a number of clinics and public interest student organizations. I am incredibly grateful for all of the guidance I have received from the Justice Center faculty and staff!"

At Texas Law, Melissa Sopher participates in the Justice Center’s student advisory board and is a staff editor for the Texas Journal of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights. As a 2L, she was co-president of the Public Interest Law Association and a co-organizer of GRITS (Texas Law's annual, student-led "Getting Radical in the South" conference). She has participated in several pro bono projects, helping immigrants with asylum claims and assisting community members to expunge criminal records, recover driver licenses, and correct or update their names and/or gender markers on basic forms of identification, and has participated in the Criminal Defense Clinic, Capital Punishment Clinic, and Immigration Clinic.

The summer after her 1L year, Melissa worked for the Orleans Public Defender in New Orleans. Last summer she worked with New York County Defender Services, where she will return to work after graduation. Before coming to law school, Melissa worked as a paralegal at the Innocence Project in New York, where she helped clients overturn wrongful convictions based on DNA testing. She plans to work in public defense after law school.