Lefkowitz v. Cunningham

Michael Tigar’s Notes:

Lefkowitz v. Cunningham, 431 U.S. 801 (1977). Constitutionality of NY Election Law sec. 22, which provided that if a political party officer refused to waive immunity when summoned before a grand jury, he or she would forfeit his or her political party office. Interesting opinion for the majority by CJ Burger. Justice Stevens dissented. Some years later, I confessed to him that I had completely misunderstood the question he asked me during oral argument. He replied, “What do you care? You won, didn’t you?” In 4LefkowitzvCunningham#1, NY Assistant AG Irving Galt begins his argument, which continues on 4LefkowitzvCunningham#2. MET then argues and that argument is continued on 4LefkowitzvCunningham#3. Galt had not
reserved rebuttal time.

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