Free Speech and Association

In the 1960s, students at the University of California, Berkeley were at the forefront of the era’s political protests. As both a Berkeley undergraduate and law student, Michael Tigar aggressively advocated for the rights of students to protest and take up political causes. When he arrived at Berkeley, he became involved in SLATE, a student activist organization that was a precursor to the Free Speech Movement. SLATE was primarily focused on abolishing the House Un-American Activities Committee and on challenging the University administration’s attempts to suppress student government, association, and speech. His student activism continued in law school as the Free Speech Movement gained traction.

This section includes several documents about Tigar’s involvement with SLATE and the Free Speech Movement, including a recent oral history piece about the organization. It also includes “The Brave New University of Clark Kerr”, a piece that he wrote for the Liberal Democrat newspaper, which contests then-UC chancellor Kerr’s regulations on student speech and identifies the origins of the corporatization of higher education in the United States. The piece asserts that, “the guerrilla warfare between students and administration” is “a microcosm of the conflict which ought to be taking place in society as a whole.” Other documents included here deal more generally with the rights of speech, protest, and association.

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Oral History Mike Tigar: From SLATE Leader to Civil Liberties Attorney by The SLATE Oral History Project

Oral History Thousands of Adventures

Oral History Communist Party Student Movements

Magazine Articles Article Sent by Judge Ferguson: “What’s Become of Yesterday’s Student Rebels?”

Miscellany 1962 Youth Festival in Helsinki

Cases Testimony of Karl Dietrich Wolff, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, March 14, 1969

Plays The Trial of John Peter Zenger

Essays Original Understanding and the Constitution

Essays Can We Be Equal And Free? in The Unfinished Revolution (C. Snow ed. 1976)

Book Review Concerning Dissent and Civil Disobedience

Book Review Freedom and Order in the University

Book Review Anti-Politics in America

Book Review The American Student’s Freedom of Expression

Journal Articles Introduction to Symposium: Student Rights and Campus Rules

Essays The Brave New University of Clark Kerr