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Elizabeth Tigar Images Photograph of Elizabeth Tigar
Essays MR Online: Rap Brown Law today

Audio & Video Dick Cavett Show: Tigar Discusses the Seattle Seven and the “Rap Brown Law”

Newspaper Articles Lawyers for Angela Davis ask Dismissal of Charges on Coast

Cases Case Materials from People v. Angela Davis

Audio & Video “Sounds of Protest” Audio Documentary

Magazine Articles In Defense of Skelly Wright

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 3)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 4)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 1)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 2)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 19)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 20)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 17)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 18)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 15)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 16)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 13)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 14)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 57)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 53)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 55)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 11)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 12)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 52)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 50)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 51)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 47)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 48)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 45)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 46)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 42)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 43)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 40)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 41)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 38)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 39)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 36)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 37)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 9)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 10)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 34)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 35)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 30)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 32)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 33)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 28)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 29)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 25)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 26)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 23)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 24)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 21)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 22)


Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 6)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 7)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 68)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 67)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 65)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 66)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 63)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 64)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 61)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 62)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 59)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 60)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 95)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 96)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 92)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 93)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 90)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 91)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 88)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 89)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 86)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 87)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 83)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 84)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 81)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 82)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 79)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 80)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 78)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 75)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 76)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 74)

Transcripts Hearing on Motions (Vol. 1) — November 13, 1996

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 71)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 72)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 69)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 70)

Transcripts Hearing on Motions — May 13, 1998

Transcripts Hearing on Motions — March 25, 1998

Transcripts Suppression Hearing (Vol. 7)

Transcripts Suppression Hearing (Vol. 8)

Transcripts Suppression Hearing (Vol. 5)

Transcripts Suppression Hearing (Vol. 6)

Transcripts Suppression Hearing (Vol. 3)

Transcripts Suppression Hearing (Vol. 4)

Transcripts Suppression Hearing (Vol. 1)

Transcripts Suppression Hearing (Vol. 2)

Transcripts Deposition of Steven G. Burmeister

Transcripts Suppression Hearing and Hearing on Motions (Vol. 9)

Transcripts Conference in Camera

Transcripts Suppression Hearing and Hearing on Motions (Vol. 10)

Transcripts Hearing on Motion to Suppress Manning Deposition

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 160)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 158)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 154)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 156)

Transcripts Hearing re Closed Circuit Television Transmission

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 151)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 152)

Transcripts Hearing on Daubert Issues and Statewide Jury Pool

Transcripts Conference re Publicity

Transcripts Hearing on Motions to Suppress Eyewitness Identification (Vol. 6)

Transcripts Hearing on Daubert Motions

Transcripts Hearing on Motions to Suppress Eyewitness Identification (Vol. 4)

Transcripts Hearing on Motions to Suppress Eyewitness Identification (Vol. 5)

Transcripts Hearing on Motions to Suppress Eyewitness Identification (Vol. 1)

Transcripts Hearing on Motions to Suppress Eyewitness Identification (Vol. 2)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 115)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 116)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 112)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 113)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 109)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 110)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 106)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 106)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 148)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 149)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 146)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 147)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 103)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 104)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 144)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 145)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 142)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 141)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 139)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 101)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 102)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 137)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 134)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 131)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 127)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 133)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 129)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 128)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 125)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 126)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 121)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 122)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 118)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 119)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 99)

Transcripts Trial to Jury (Vol. 100)

Transcripts Hearing on Motions — August 6, 1997

Transcripts Hearing on Motions — August 28, 1997

Transcripts Hearing on Motions (Vol. 3) — August 22, 1997

Transcripts Hearing on Motions (Vol. 2) — August 21, 1997

Transcripts Hearing on Motions (Vol. 1) — August 21, 1997

Transcripts Sentencing Hearing

Transcripts Hearing on Motions — August 13, 1997

Transcripts Hearing on Media Objections to Sealing

Transcripts Deposition of Frederic Whitehurst, Ph.D. (Vol. III)

Transcripts Deposition of Frederic Whitehurst, Ph.D. (Vol. II)

Transcripts Deposition of Frederic Whitehurst, Ph.D. (Vol. I)

Images Michael Tigar at Age 4 with Family C.
Images Michael Tigar and Daughter Katie at Her Wedding in Pasadena, CA
Images Michael Tigar and Granddaughter Mary Beth McQueen Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay C.
Images Daughter Katie Tigar and Son Jon Tigar C.
Images Posters of Michael Tigar in Chagossian community, Mauritius C.
Images Michael Tigar, Prof. Gerald Uelman, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, and 9th Circuit Judge Steven Trott at the Retrial of Clarence Darrow, Santa Clara School of Law
Audio & Video Arguments from United States v. El Mezain HLF

Books Selective Service Law Reporter Practice Manual

Book Review Review of the Selective Service Law Reporter by Judge J. Skelly Wright

Miscellany Fifty Years of Cooperation

Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Curriculum Vitae
Oral History Mike Tigar: From SLATE Leader to Civil Liberties Attorney by The SLATE Oral History Project

Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – MET Cases & Arguments
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – MET Books
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – MET Mementoes
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – South Africa
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 2010s
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 2000s
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 1990s
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 1980s
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 1970s
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 1960s
Correspondence Letter from Michael Tigar Accompanying Archival Materials C.
Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Collected Writings and Other Work in Archive Collection C.
Newspaper Articles LA Daily Journal About Nichols Trial Jury Selection

Newspaper Articles San Diego Union Tribune Article About Nichols Trial

Newspaper Articles Daily Oklahoman Article About Nichols Trial

Newspaper Articles Daily Oklahoman Article About Nichols Jury Selection

Magazine Articles Austin Weekly Article About Tigar’s Work in South Africa

Newspaper Articles Representative Tuck on Brennan Clerkship in the Congressional Record

Correspondence Letter from Ellis Harmon About Brennan Clerkship

Correspondence Letter from Ken Cloke About Brennan Clerkship

Correspondence Letter About Brennan Clerkship from Theodore Olson

Magazine Articles Article About Brennan Clerkship by Andrew Kopkind

Magazine Articles “Salt of the Earth”

Awards & Certificates “Lawyer of the Century” Recognition for Clarence Darrow, Michael Tigar
Awards & Certificates California Attorneys for Criminal Justice Awards Luncheon
Correspondence Birthday Letter Sent to Michael Tigar from his Son, Jon
Newspaper Articles “Denver Square” Terry Nichols Case Cartoon

Newspaper Articles Profile of Michael Tigar in New York Times

Correspondence Letters Exchanged Between Zev Putterman and Harve Bennett About Brennan Clerkship

Newspaper Articles The Jewish Journal: “The Juror”

Cases Demjanjuk Declaration

Cases Brief for Appellee Cunningham

Cases Muñoz v. Hauk Proceeding

Arguments for Penalty Phase of Nichols Case

Book Chapter “A Real World Cross-Examination”

Cases Brief for Petitioners, Gelbard v. United States

Journal Articles Four Essays on the Trial of Cases

Magazine Articles The Most Skillful Liberal

Cases Opening Statement and Closing Arguments-Terry Nichols

Images Photograph of Charles Tigar
Cases Post-Hearing Affidavit in Hall Case

Cases Expert Testimony for Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Images Picture of Michael Tigar with Ramón Castro
Oral History The Need for History

Oral History Thousands of Adventures

Oral History Law School Pedagogy

Oral History Everybody has Racial Prejudice

Oral History Developing a Left Critique of the Law

Oral History Advice to UT Letelier and Moffitt Fellowship Recipients

Oral History The Development of Norms

Oral History The Evolution of Human Rights

Oral History The State of Legal Academia

Oral History Achieving Social Change

Oral History Marx and a Sense of History

Oral History Fracturing of the US Labor Movement

Oral History Globalization & the Reserve Army of Labor

Oral History Reading Clarence Darrow

Oral History More at the Briscoe Center
Oral History National Security

Oral History Conspiracy & the War on Terror

Oral History Communist Party Student Movements

Oral History Letter to Michael Tigar’s Mother
Oral History Why Are You Doing Human Rights Litigation?

Oral History Working with Law Students

Oral History Vietnam War – A Privileged White Kids’ Movement

Oral History Importance of Disclosure & “The Jencks Hunt”

Oral History Choosing Cases

Oral History Cause Lawyer vs. Client Lawyer

Oral History All Trials are Didactic

Oral History Advice to Law Students

Oral History The Middle East

Oral History Leonard Peltier & The Importance of Storytelling

Oral History Kiko Martinez

Oral History Has the Legacy Lasted?

Oral History Black Lives Matter

Oral History Angela Davis

Oral History The Terry Nichols Case

Oral History Racism & the Death Penalty

Oral History State of the Criminal Justice System

Oral History How to Get Life Verdicts

Oral History First Encounters

Oral History Cost of Death Penalty Litigation

Oral History The Permanent Battle

Images Talisman Yearbook: Reseda High School
Correspondence Letter From Jim Perry About Brennan Clerkship

Correspondence Colleen McHolland Thank You Card for Letelier-Moffitt Scholarship
Images [Michael Tigar’s] Mother’s Passing and Funeral Service
Correspondence Letter From District Judge William R. Wilson
Correspondence Letter from Jeanette Hermes About Brennan Episode

Correspondence Letter from Professor John McNulty About Brennan Episode

Correspondence Letter from Frank Wells About Brennan Episode

Correspondence Letter from Jim Roberts About Brennan Episode

Correspondence Letter About Brennan Affair from Bob and Lee

Correspondence Letter from John Fossam About the Brennan Affair

Correspondence Letter About Declined UPenn Job Offer After Brennan Clerkship Rescinded

Correspondence Letter About Brennan Affair on Blue Paper

Correspondence Letter Related to Brennan Affair from Al Katz

Magazine Articles Article Sent by Judge Ferguson: “What’s Become of Yesterday’s Student Rebels?”

Correspondence Note from Beverie Ware (John Connally’s Secretary) After the Trial
Awards & Certificates Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award Program
Correspondence Letter from David E. Pesonen About Brennan Clerkship

Correspondence Letter About Brennan Episode from Robert H. Cole

Correspondence Note From Hon. Ronald Wilson Complaining About the Quality of Trial Lawyers
Cases 1971 Pleading From Smith Case

Correspondence Letter from Judge Higginbotham About His Video
Images Michael Tigar and Sister Sharon at Christmas
Images Michael Tigar With Sister Sharon Feeding a Deer at Grandparents’ Place
Images Michael Tigar’s Mother with Michael (Approximately Age 3) and Sister Sharon C.
Awards & Certificates Certificate of Appreciation from Rotary Club
Awards & Certificates Bank of America Achievement Award Certificate From High School
Images Michael Tigar’s Grandmother with His Mother and Her Older Sister
Images Michael Tigar’s Mother (Approximately Age 8) C.
Images Michael Tigar Dressed as Cowboy (Approximately Age 10) C.
Images Picture from Michael Tigar’s Daughter Katie’s Wedding
Images South Africa Advocacy Training

Images Michael Tigar with Isabel Letelier and Sam Buffone

Images Michael Tigar (Approximately Age 6) C.
Images Michael Tigar (Approximately Age 10) C.
Images South Africa Advocacy Training in Johannesburg

Images Michael Tigar with Dog, Prince in Glendale (Approximately Age 8) C.
Images Michael Tigar’s Daughter Elizabeth
Images Michael Tigar in Barcelona
Images Michael Tigar (Approximately Age 7 or 8) C.
Images Michael Tigar and Daughter Elizabeth
Images Michael Tigar Dancing with Daughter Elizabeth at Daughter Katie’s Wedding
Images Michael Tigar and His Friend Gary in High Sierra
Images Michael Tigar and His Cousin Johnny C.
Images Michael Tigar With His Two Daughters, Katie and Elizabeth
Images Michael and His Sister Sharon C.
Images First Performance of John Peter Zenger Play C.
Lectures Three Lectures at the University of the Western Cape

Newspaper Articles Angela Davis’s First Court Hearing

Correspondence Letter from Fidel Castro About the Donation of Phoenix the Bull
Images Photo Related to the Bertrand Russell War Crimes Tribunal

Newspaper Articles Newspaper Clipping About the Mock Retrial of Al Capone at ABA Annual Meeting (in italiano)
Correspondence A Note from Katie Ertmer, Duke Law Student
Miscellany Philadelphia Bench-Bar’s Theatrical Version of Michael Tigar’s Peter Zenger Play
Magazine Articles Article About Michael Tigar in Duke Law Magazine

Correspondence Letter From Judge Bill Wilson About ADR and Voir Dire

Images MET Objecting During Scott McClellan’s Appearance Before House Judiciary Committee

Magazine Articles Article About Michael Tigar Joining Duke Law Faculty

Correspondence Letter from Judge Reavley, About Thinking About Terrorism

Awards & Certificates Boalt Hall Citation Award to Michael Tigar
Newspaper Articles Article About Jury Trial Result in Stewart Case

Awards & Certificates Dedication Program for Texas Civil Rights Project’s Michael Tigar Center
Correspondence Letter from Judge Reavley About Fighting Injustice
Correspondence Letter from Elliott Milstein About Michael Tigar’s Speech at AALS
Journal Articles Gerry Uelmen’s Article: “Who is the Lawyer of the Century?”

Correspondence Letter from Chief Judge Martin about Michael Tigar’s Speech to 6th Circuit Conference
Newspaper Articles NYT Story About Nichols Verdict

Images Michael Tigar and Jane Tigar Depicted in Courtroom Drawing

Correspondence Letter from Judge W.R. Wilson About Nichols and Other Matters

Correspondence Letter from Jon Tigar About Michael Tigar’s Dinner Speech at CalBar Litigation Meeting
Magazine Articles Time Magazine Winners and Losers

Images Picture of Michael Tigar and Jane Tigar from Arkansas Paper, Courtesy of Bill Wilson

Newspaper Articles Article About Impending Closing Argument

Newspaper Articles Rocky Mountain News Article on Opening Statements (Front Page)

Newspaper Articles Los Angeles Times Article: “Ex-Friend of McVeigh Denies Fabricating Firearms Robbery”

Newspaper Articles Rocky Mountain News Story on Beginning of Voir Dire in Nichols Case

Newspaper Articles Former Senator Eagleton’s Column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch About Michael Tigar and the Nichols Defense

Newspaper Articles Rocky Mountain News Article About Beginning of Nichols Trial

Newspaper Articles Washington Post Profile of Michael Tigar by Lois Romano

Magazine Articles Short Interview with Two Lawyers About Michael Tigar and Nichols Trial from PBS Newshour

Newspaper Articles Profile of Michael Tigar from Daily Oklahoman

Newspaper Articles Rocky Mountain News Article: “Two Married Couples on Bomb Case”

Magazine Articles New Yorker Profile About Michael Tigar by Jeffrey Toobin

Newspaper Articles San Francisco Chronicle Story About the Severance Motion

Newspaper Articles Denver Post Article on Jane Tigar Joining the Team

Newspaper Articles Wall Street Journal Article about Jane Tigar Joining the Nichols Defense Team and Jane’s Feminist Response Letter

Journal Articles ABA Journal Article About Equal Protection

Newspaper Articles New York Times Coverage of Major Debra Meeks Trial

Magazine Articles CNN Coverage of Major Debra Meeks Trial

Magazine Articles Texas Lawyer Coverage of Major Debra Meeks Trial

Newspaper Articles San Antonio Express Article About Major Debra Meeks Trial

Newspaper Articles Denver Post Story on Nichols Representation

Correspondence Letter from Ralph Nader
Newspaper Articles Wall Street Journal Article on Oklahoma City Bombing Case

Magazine Articles Texas Monthly Article on Nichols Defense

Magazine Articles Newsweek Article About Nichols Representation

Newspaper Articles LA Times Serrano Piece

Newspaper Articles Steven Labaton’s Profile in New York Times

Magazine Articles American Lawyer Article: “Odd Couple Teams for Nichols Defense”

Newspaper Articles San Francisco Examiner Article

Newspaper Articles Profile From Austin American Statesman, 1985

Newspaper Articles Michael Tigar Profile from NY Daily News
Correspondence A Note from John Connally’s Wife Nellie After John’s Acquittal
Magazine Articles The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions Magazine

Magazine Articles Potomac Magazine (Washington Post Publication) Article

Miscellany 1962 Youth Festival in Helsinki

Audio & Video Recordings of Graham v. Collins

Magazine Articles Article Profiling Lawyer Activists, Including Michael Tigar
Newspaper Articles Article About Michael Tigar in South Africa

Diaries 1988 South Africa Diary

Diaries 1989 South Africa Diary

Newspaper Articles New York Times Article About the Assassination of Bheki Mlangeni

Newspaper Articles Article About a South African Comrade, Mojanku Gumbi

Correspondence A Letter from Dullah Omar, Minister of Justice

Audio & Video University of Western Cape Lecture #1: “Three Myths”

Audio & Video University of the Western Cape Lecture #2: “The Advocate and Social Change”

Audio & Video University of Western Cape Lecture #3: “Old Judges and New Laws”

Audio & Video Demanjuk v. Petrovsky, Arguments

Cases Demjanjuk v. Petrovsky, Motion for Interim Relief

Newspaper Articles Firing Line Newsletter and Related Correspondence

Awards & Certificates Wisdom Award
Newspaper Articles Dallas Morning News Profile About Michael Tigar
Newspaper Articles Houston Post Article on Representing Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Note from Charles Alan Wright

Awards & Certificates Judge Higginbotham Nominates Michael Tigar for ABA Award
Correspondence Letter from Sam Buffone

Journal Articles NY Law Journal Story About Performance of Peter Zenger Play
Images Michael Tigar and Judge Harry Pregerson, UT-Law
Correspondence Letter from Justice Brennan About Clerkship

Newspaper Articles Article About Michael Tigar Speech

Correspondence Letter from Tom Wolfe
Awards & Certificates Certificate from Philippine Consulate General

Journal Articles National Law Journal Profile About the Murphy Case

Correspondence Note from John Connally’s Secretary (Beverie Ware) After John’s Acquittal
Newspaper Articles Rosalio Muñoz Draft Case

Magazine Articles Time Magazine Article About the Seattle Seven Case

Newspaper Articles Article Published when Michael Tigar Joined UCLA Law Faculty

Correspondence A Card from Michael Tigar’s Son
A Part of a Freedom of Information Act Production

Correspondence Response to the NYT Obituary for Konni Zilliacus
Correspondence Letter About Brennan Clerkship from Michael Tigar

Correspondence A Note About the Brennan Clerkship

Miscellany Pacifica Radio Archives: Program for a Public Meeting
Miscellany Reseda High School Yearbook Excerpts
Correspondence A Letter from Michael Tigar to his Mother
Awards & Certificates Student Body President Certificate
Miscellany Program from Reseda High School Talent Show (1957)
Miscellany Program from Reseda High School Talent Show (May 1958)
Images Michael Tigar, Summer Student Body President
Miscellany Program from Reseda High School Talent Show (April 1957)
Miscellany Student Body President Campaign Poster
Newspaper Articles Michael Tigar’s First Op-ed
Newspaper Articles Feature in Reseda High School Newspaper
Newspaper Articles Newspaper Article Naming Michael Tigar Teen of the Week
Awards & Certificates Trifles Best Actor Award
Correspondence Letter from James Thurber
Miscellany Bancroft Report Card
Diaries Diary of Margaret Gould
Correspondence Letter from Gore Vidal
Books Nine Principles of Litigation and Life

Books Fighting Injustice
Books Persuasion: The Litigator’s Art

Books Examining Witnesses (2d ed.)

Books Law and the Rise of Capitalism

Books Thinking About Terrorism: The Threat to Civil Liberties in Times of National Emergency

Cases Seattle Seven Contempt Brief

Audio & Video Five Minutes of Oral Argument for Lawyer Nancy Hollander in a “National Security” Case

Cases United States v. Salerno

Audio & Video Johnson v. Texas

Audio & Video Gentile v. State Bar of Nevada

Audio & Video Lefkowitz v. Cunningham

Audio & Video Recording of Gelbard v. United States Oral Arguments

Cases Brief for Petitioner, Breen v. Selective Service Local Board No. 16

Cases Brief for Petitioner, Gutknecht v. United States

Audio & Video Supreme Court Oral Argument, Gutknecht v. United States

Cases Testimony of Karl Dietrich Wolff, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, March 14, 1969

Book Review Missing McVeigh

Essays Aspirations

Lectures Remarks on Drones at Fair Trial Initiative

Essays Respecting Atticus Finch and Scout

Essays Ways of Seeing, Ways of Judging

Lectures What Are We Doing to the Children? An Essay on Juvenile (In)justice

Journal Articles The National Security State— The End of Separation of Powers

Book Chapter Foreword to James C. Harrington, Wrestling with Free Speech, Religious Freedom, and Democracy in Turkey: The Political Trials and Times of Fethullah Gülen

Essays An Essay on Universal Jurisdiction, Drawing Together Thoughts and Writings

Essays Blog Post About Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Shell

Journal Articles Crisis in the Legal Profession: Don’t Mourn, Organize

Journal Articles The Lawyer and Faustian Bargains

Book Chapter Introduction to Wellman, The Art of Cross-Examination

Book Chapter A Sanctuary in the Jungle: Terry Lynn Nichols and His Oklahoma City Bombing Trial

Essays Lawyers, Jails and the Law’s Fake Bargains

Lectures Litigators’ Ethics

Journal Articles What Lawyers? What Edge?

Essays The Most Impertinent Question

Essays Narratives of Oppression

Essays A System of Wholesale Denial of Rights

Essays The Twilight of Personal Liberty: Introduction to ‘A Permanent State of Emergency’

Lectures Universal Rights & Wrongs: Roper v. Simmons, Torture and Judge Posner

Clinton Jencks In Memoriam

Journal Articles The Reichstag Fire Trial, 1933 – 2008: The Production of Law and History (with John Mage)

Book Review Review of The Trial Proceedings of the International Criminal Court: ICTY and ICTR Precedents

Journal Articles Crossing the Bridge Between Academy and Practice

Book Chapter The Vioxx Litigation: Two Case Studies

Book Chapter The City Upon the Hill, in Book Raise the Bar: Real World Solutions for a Troubled Profession

Book Chapter Foreword, Island of Shame

Essays Book Review of Appellate Courts Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel

Lectures Paradigms in Teaching Criminal Law

Journal Articles Two Trials in and about Chattanooga – Lynching and Federal Judicial Power

Essays The Power of Myth: Justice, Signs & Symbols in Criminal Trials

Essays Rationing Justice — What Thomas More Would Say

Book Review Lawyers and Social Justice

Essays Discovering Your Litigator’s Voice

Journal Articles Defending: An Essay

Journal Articles Setting the Record Straight on the Defense of John Demjanjuk

Journal Articles Paul Touvier and the Crime Against Humanity

Speeches Moderator, Panel: What To Do When Your Case Is Front Page News

Essays Lawyers and Death Cases

Essays 2020 Vision: A Bifocal View

Essays The Lawyer Who Broke the Retaining Wall

Essays The Prosecutor Whose Sword Was Taken Away

Essays One Man’s Freedom, One Man’s Faith

Speeches Query: Judges or Lawyers–Who Are the Keepers of the Flame?

Journal Articles Criminal Justice Reform: Sources and Nature of Norms

Journal Articles It Does the Crime But Not the Time: Corporate Criminal Liability in Federal Law

Journal Articles The Extradition Requirement of Double Criminality in Complex Cases: Illustrating the Rationale of Extradition

Journal Articles Pretrial Case Management Under the Amended Rules: Too Many Words for a Good Idea

Speeches Moderator, The Use and Misuse of Expert Evidence in the Courts

Essays The Expert Who Walked Off Angry

Book Review Laycock, The Death of the Irreparable Injury Rule

Essays Voices Heard in Jury Argument: Litigation and the Law School Curriculum

Book Review Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure

Book Review Whose Rights? What Danger?

Journal Articles Mail Fraud, Morals, and U.S. Attorneys

Journal Articles Crime on Camera

Essays Jury Argument: You, the Facts, and the Law

Book Review The Great Fear, 15 Harvard Civil Liberties

Plays “Review” of Zenger, The New Yorker
Speeches Presentation of the Portrait of Carl O. Bue, Jr.
Plays The Warrior Bards
Plays Haymarket: Whose Name the Few Still Say with Tears

Plays The Trial of John Peter Zenger

Book Review New Frontiers: The Expansion of International Criminal Law

Journal Articles Intending, Knowing and Desiring: The Mental Element in Federal Criminal Law

Essays Judges, Lawyers and the Penalty of Death

Journal Articles Lawyers, Money, Race, and Gender

Essays Original Understanding and the Constitution

Lectures What the Constitution Means by Executive Power

Journal Articles Constitutional Rights of Criminal Tax Defendants: A Bicentennial Survey and Modest Proposal

Journal Articles Crime-Talk, Rights-Talk, and Double-Talk: Thoughts on Reading Encyclopedia on Crime and Justice

Book Review Talk-Show Advocacy

Journal Articles The Right of Property and the Law of Theft

Book Review Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition

Essays The Hobbs Act and RICO in Takeover Litigation

Journal Articles International Exchange of Information In Criminal Cases

Journal Articles The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and the Pursued Refugee: Lessons From Letelier v. Chile

Book Review And We Are Not Saved, The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice

Journal Articles “Judicial Power, the ‘Political Question Doctrine,’ and Foreign Relations”

Journal Articles Waiver Of Constitutional Rights: Disquiet in the Citadel

Essays A Letter from the Author of the Kennedy Book, and Tigar’s Reply

Book Review Review of Kennedy Justice, The New York Review of Books

Journal Articles Tigar & Levy, The Grand Jury as the New Inquisition

Essays Can We Be Equal And Free? in The Unfinished Revolution (C. Snow ed. 1976)

Book Review Political Criminal Trials: How To Defend Them

Book Review Psychoanalytic Jurisprudence

Journal Articles Selective Service: Some Certain Problems And Some Tentative Answers

Correspondence Letter to Yale Law Journal Editors about the Legality of the Vietnam War

Speeches Boalt Hall Valedictory Graduation Speech

Book Review Frontiers Of Civil Liberties

Essays Lawyers’ Role in Resistance

Book Review Concerning Dissent and Civil Disobedience

Book Review Freedom and Order in the University

Book Review Anti-Politics in America

Book Review The American Student’s Freedom of Expression

Journal Articles Introduction to Symposium: Student Rights and Campus Rules

Radio Scripts The Americans Have A Word For It

Journal Articles A Cable Karl to the Top o’ the Marx

Essays The Brave New University of Clark Kerr

Essays Atomic Science & Social Responsibility

Magazine Articles One Year Later – Reflections on Black Friday

Radio Scripts The Appearance of William Shakespeare Before the House Committee on Un-English Activities

Essays In Memoriam: Jacobus ten Broek
Book Review Federal Habeas Corpus

Journal Articles Automatic Extinction Of Cross-Demands: Compensation From Rome To California

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – 1964 Democratic National Convention

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – “White Backlash” to the Civil Rights Movement

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – Presidential Power and the Civil Rights Movement

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – Murders of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – Politics in Mississippi

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