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Images Posters of Michael Tigar in Chagossian community, Mauritius C.
Magazine Articles “Salt of the Earth”

Awards & Certificates “Lawyer of the Century” Recognition for Clarence Darrow, Michael Tigar
Images Michael Tigar and Daughter Elizabeth
Magazine Articles Article About Michael Tigar Joining Duke Law Faculty

Correspondence Letter from Judge Reavley, About Thinking About Terrorism

Awards & Certificates Boalt Hall Citation Award to Michael Tigar
Newspaper Articles Article About Jury Trial Result in Stewart Case

Awards & Certificates Dedication Program for Texas Civil Rights Project’s Michael Tigar Center
Correspondence Letter from Judge Reavley About Fighting Injustice
Correspondence Letter from Elliott Milstein About Michael Tigar’s Speech at AALS
Journal Articles Gerry Uelmen’s Article: “Who is the Lawyer of the Century?”

Books Nine Principles of Litigation and Life

Books Fighting Injustice
Books Law and the Rise of Capitalism

Journal Articles The Lawyer and Faustian Bargains

Book Chapter Introduction to Wellman, The Art of Cross-Examination

Book Chapter A Sanctuary in the Jungle: Terry Lynn Nichols and His Oklahoma City Bombing Trial

Essays Lawyers, Jails and the Law’s Fake Bargains

Lectures Litigators’ Ethics

Journal Articles What Lawyers? What Edge?

Essays The Most Impertinent Question

Essays Narratives of Oppression

Essays A System of Wholesale Denial of Rights

Essays The Twilight of Personal Liberty: Introduction to ‘A Permanent State of Emergency’

Lectures Universal Rights & Wrongs: Roper v. Simmons, Torture and Judge Posner

Clinton Jencks In Memoriam

Journal Articles The Reichstag Fire Trial, 1933 – 2008: The Production of Law and History (with John Mage)

Book Review Review of The Trial Proceedings of the International Criminal Court: ICTY and ICTR Precedents

Journal Articles Crossing the Bridge Between Academy and Practice

Book Chapter The Vioxx Litigation: Two Case Studies

Book Chapter The City Upon the Hill, in Book Raise the Bar: Real World Solutions for a Troubled Profession

Book Chapter Foreword, Island of Shame

Essays Book Review of Appellate Courts Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel

Lectures Paradigms in Teaching Criminal Law

Journal Articles Two Trials in and about Chattanooga – Lynching and Federal Judicial Power