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Audio & Video Dick Cavett Show: Tigar Discusses the Seattle Seven and the “Rap Brown Law”

Newspaper Articles Lawyers for Angela Davis ask Dismissal of Charges on Coast

Cases Case Materials from People v. Angela Davis

Images Daughter Katie Tigar and Son Jon Tigar C.
Cases Brief for Appellee Cunningham

Correspondence Letter From Jim Perry About Brennan Clerkship

Magazine Articles Article Sent by Judge Ferguson: “What’s Become of Yesterday’s Student Rebels?”

Correspondence Note from Beverie Ware (John Connally’s Secretary) After the Trial
Newspaper Articles Angela Davis’s First Court Hearing

Correspondence Letter from Fidel Castro About the Donation of Phoenix the Bull
Correspondence A Note from John Connally’s Wife Nellie After John’s Acquittal
Magazine Articles The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions Magazine

Magazine Articles Article Profiling Lawyer Activists, Including Michael Tigar
Correspondence Note from John Connally’s Secretary (Beverie Ware) After John’s Acquittal
Newspaper Articles Rosalio Muñoz Draft Case

Magazine Articles Time Magazine Article About the Seattle Seven Case

Cases Seattle Seven Contempt Brief

Audio & Video Lefkowitz v. Cunningham

Audio & Video Recording of Gelbard v. United States Oral Arguments

Cases Brief for Petitioner, Breen v. Selective Service Local Board No. 16

Cases Brief for Petitioner, Gutknecht v. United States

Audio & Video Supreme Court Oral Argument, Gutknecht v. United States

Journal Articles “Judicial Power, the ‘Political Question Doctrine,’ and Foreign Relations”

Journal Articles Waiver Of Constitutional Rights: Disquiet in the Citadel

Essays A Letter from the Author of the Kennedy Book, and Tigar’s Reply

Book Review Review of Kennedy Justice, The New York Review of Books

Journal Articles Tigar & Levy, The Grand Jury as the New Inquisition

Essays Can We Be Equal And Free? in The Unfinished Revolution (C. Snow ed. 1976)

Book Review Political Criminal Trials: How To Defend Them

Book Review Psychoanalytic Jurisprudence