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Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 1980s
Book Review Whose Rights? What Danger?

Journal Articles Mail Fraud, Morals, and U.S. Attorneys

Journal Articles Crime on Camera

Book Review The Great Fear, 15 Harvard Civil Liberties

Plays “Review” of Zenger, The New Yorker
Speeches Presentation of the Portrait of Carl O. Bue, Jr.
Plays The Warrior Bards
Plays Haymarket: Whose Name the Few Still Say with Tears

Plays The Trial of John Peter Zenger

Book Review New Frontiers: The Expansion of International Criminal Law

Journal Articles Intending, Knowing and Desiring: The Mental Element in Federal Criminal Law

Essays Judges, Lawyers and the Penalty of Death

Journal Articles Lawyers, Money, Race, and Gender

Essays Original Understanding and the Constitution

Lectures What the Constitution Means by Executive Power

Journal Articles Constitutional Rights of Criminal Tax Defendants: A Bicentennial Survey and Modest Proposal

Journal Articles Crime-Talk, Rights-Talk, and Double-Talk: Thoughts on Reading Encyclopedia on Crime and Justice

Book Review Talk-Show Advocacy

Journal Articles The Right of Property and the Law of Theft

Book Review Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition

Journal Articles International Exchange of Information In Criminal Cases

Journal Articles The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and the Pursued Refugee: Lessons From Letelier v. Chile

Book Review And We Are Not Saved, The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice