Media Archive: Frances T. “Sissy” Farenthold

Texas congresswoman, gubernatorial candidate, vice presidential nominee, former president of Wells College, and human rights activist

Type Title Year
Farenthold IPS Report on Gorbachev Meeting 1985
Farenthold in a group at the Peace Tent 1985
Farenthold and Vaughan with other participants at the Peace Tent 1985
Farenthold and Rev. Jesse Jackson as members of delegation who met with Gorbachev in Geneva 1985
IPS Soviet Union Trip NA
Note from Adele Fath to Sissy NA
Abortion Speech 1977
Letter to Hortensia Allende, widow of Chilean president Salvador Allende, from Frances Farenthold (in Spanish) 1954
Letter to Stephen H. Spurr, President of the University of Texas at Austin, endorsing the minority admissions rule C. 1972
Speech, Inauguration Day 1973, Houston Peace Rally 1973
Speech: "Women's Search for Peace" 1988
Peace Tent Statement 1985
Farenthold Interviews C. 1972
Farenthold at a 1991 Persian Gulf War Protest 1991
Farenthold at a 1997 anti-nuclear protest 1991
Nairobi Notes 1985
The Peace Tent: Its Origin, Its Impact, Its Future 1985
Motion to Dismiss 1985
Letter from Sally Mugabe to Sissy Farenthold after Women in Southern Africa Conference 1983
WILPF Letter on Peace Camp Planning 1983
Integrating Courage and Competence 1970
Farenthold for Governor 1974
Letter to President Gerald Ford from the board of Win With Women Re: Nominating Margaret Heckler for Vice President 1974
From the Desk of Frances Tarlton Farenthold 1971
Endorsement letter for Senator George McGovern for President by Frances Farenthold C. 1972
WAMM Letter Asking for Farenthold's Participation 1983
Photo of Sissy at Podium of Texas State House of Representatives C. 1970
Letter to Ambassador Rabb on Violence in Comiso 1983
Sissy Farenthold's Statement on Violence at Comiso C. 1983
Statement on Violence at Comiso Letter 1983
Visits to Comiso C. 1983
Bond Receipt 1985
Prisoner Property Receipt 1985
Farenthold Press Release 1985
Frances T. "Sissy" Farenthold at an event with Sarah Weddington and unidentified women voters C. 1996
Portrait of Frances "Sissy" Tarlton Farenthold, taken about 1972 1972
Frances "Sissy" Tarlton (Farenthold) and B. Dudley Tarlton in a law office C. 1950
Photo of Sissy at Podium of Texas State House of Representatives C. 1970
Photo Showing Sign Stating "Sissy Give Laredo Equal Education" C. 1972
Photos from 1972 Gubernatorial Election Campaign "Vote for Farenthold" C. 1972
Campaign Photograph of Frances Tarlton Farenthold and Mickey Leland C. 1972
Letter to Bill Clinton from Frances Farenthold 1972
Frances "Sissy" Farenthold with Ericka Huggins at a Black Panther Party Gathering C. 1968
Frances "Sissy" Farenthold with President Jimmy Carter at the Rothko Chapel's Carter-Menil Human Rights Awards, 1991 1991
Frances "Sissy" Farenthold with Joseph McFadden and Nelson Mandela at the Rothko Chapel's Carter-Menil Human Rights Awards, 1991 1991
Photograph of Frances "Sissy" Farenthold and Bella Abzug from Farenthold's gubernatorial campaign C. 1972
Sissy in pillbox hat with female relatives C. 1965
Letter calling for financial disclosure of candidates for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. NA
HELP WANTED! Volunteers for ELR 1971
Letter to Frances "Sissy" Farenthold from Martha W. Griffiths concerning the Equal Rights Amendment 1971
Letter from Frances "Sissy" Farenthold to Mary Lou Burg concerning Democratic women in office. 1971
Frances T. "Sissy" Farenthold with Governor Preston Smith and others, between 1968 and 1972. C. 1970
'Dirty 30' Tag Was Coined During '67 House Debate 1971
Frances "Sissy" Tarlton Farenthold speaks for the American G. I. Forum of Texas in about 1972 C. 1972
New Chairwoman 1973
Members of the "Dirty Thirty," Frances Farenthold, Lane Denton, John R. Bingham, and Tom Moore, Jr. C. 1970
Texas Needs Frances Farenthold 1972