Tigar’s Original Classification: 1960s

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Audio & Video “Sounds of Protest” Audio Documentary

Books Selective Service Law Reporter Practice Manual

Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 1960s
Journal Articles Selective Service: Some Certain Problems And Some Tentative Answers

Correspondence Letter to Yale Law Journal Editors about the Legality of the Vietnam War

Speeches Boalt Hall Valedictory Graduation Speech

Book Review Frontiers Of Civil Liberties

Essays Lawyers’ Role in Resistance

Book Review Concerning Dissent and Civil Disobedience

Book Review Freedom and Order in the University

Book Review Anti-Politics in America

Book Review The American Student’s Freedom of Expression

Journal Articles Introduction to Symposium: Student Rights and Campus Rules

Radio Scripts The Americans Have A Word For It

Journal Articles A Cable Karl to the Top o’ the Marx

Essays The Brave New University of Clark Kerr

Essays Atomic Science & Social Responsibility

Magazine Articles One Year Later – Reflections on Black Friday

Radio Scripts The Appearance of William Shakespeare Before the House Committee on Un-English Activities

Essays In Memoriam: Jacobus ten Broek
Book Review Federal Habeas Corpus

Journal Articles Automatic Extinction Of Cross-Demands: Compensation From Rome To California

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – 1964 Democratic National Convention

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – “White Backlash” to the Civil Rights Movement

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – Presidential Power and the Civil Rights Movement

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – Murders of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – Politics in Mississippi

Radio Scripts Mississippi Report – Freedom Summer