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Miscellany Michael Tigar’s Description of Archival Items – 1990s
Newspaper Articles “Denver Square” Terry Nichols Case Cartoon

Audio & Video University of Western Cape Lecture #3: “Old Judges and New Laws”

Essays The Power of Myth: Justice, Signs & Symbols in Criminal Trials

Essays Rationing Justice — What Thomas More Would Say

Book Review Lawyers and Social Justice

Essays Discovering Your Litigator’s Voice

Journal Articles Defending: An Essay

Journal Articles Setting the Record Straight on the Defense of John Demjanjuk

Journal Articles Paul Touvier and the Crime Against Humanity

Speeches Moderator, Panel: What To Do When Your Case Is Front Page News

Essays Lawyers and Death Cases

Essays 2020 Vision: A Bifocal View

Essays The Lawyer Who Broke the Retaining Wall

Essays The Prosecutor Whose Sword Was Taken Away

Essays One Man’s Freedom, One Man’s Faith

Journal Articles Criminal Justice Reform: Sources and Nature of Norms

Journal Articles It Does the Crime But Not the Time: Corporate Criminal Liability in Federal Law

Journal Articles The Extradition Requirement of Double Criminality in Complex Cases: Illustrating the Rationale of Extradition

Journal Articles Pretrial Case Management Under the Amended Rules: Too Many Words for a Good Idea

Speeches Moderator, The Use and Misuse of Expert Evidence in the Courts

Essays The Expert Who Walked Off Angry

Book Review Laycock, The Death of the Irreparable Injury Rule

Essays Voices Heard in Jury Argument: Litigation and the Law School Curriculum

Book Review Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure