Brendan Van Winkle

Criminal Law / Post-Conviction
Class of 2020
Photo of Brendan Van Winkle

Brendan Van Winkle is the Craig N. Yankwitt Fellow for Death Penalty Advocacy at Justice 360, a non-profit organization located in Columbia, South Carolina. The two-year fellowship is a partnership between Justice 360 and the Cornell Death Penalty Project of Cornell Law School. Brendan is involved in direct representation of death-sentenced individuals, advocacy efforts, and creating resources for other capital defense attorneys, and also works on litigation and academic projects with the Cornell Death Penalty Project.

At Texas Law, Brendan was a Mithoff Pro Bono Scholar on the Expunction Project, participated in the Capital Punishment Clinic and Criminal Defense Clinic, and interned with the Texas Office of Capital and Forensic Writs and the Capital Habeas Unit of the Office of the Federal Public Defender in Austin. He spent a semester in practice interning with the American Civil Liberties Union's Capital Punishment Project in Durham, North Carolina and worked in the summers for the Sedgwick County Public Defender Office in Wichita, Kansas and the Center for Death Penalty Litigation in Durham.